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Due to power consumption on the Game Boy Advance on most AA batteries you will receive around 15 hours of game play.

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How long to energizer advanced lithium batteries last?

1 second per hour

Do energizer batteries last long?


Which batteries last longer better energizer or duracell?

Energizer is better

Does energizer last long?

Energizer batteries are just like any other battery except more expensive.

Does Energizer rechargeable batteries last long?

Energizer rechargeable batteries last a lot longer than other researchable batteries. On average, they are considered one of the best types of rechargeable batteries. The life of the battery is superior. Also the company itself has better service and availability.

Why do duracell batteries last longest?

Duracell does not last the longest because Energizer and Everactive last longer.

Are Energizer batteries really better than standard batteries?

Energizer batteries have proven to be a better battery brand than the others. They last long and they have a wide range of battery products. Based on experience, they outlast most brands of batteries.

How long Do Energizer Batteries size d Last in a flashlight?

2 mins

How long do triple A energizer industial flashlight batteries last?

89 years

Are energizer ultimate lithium batteries rechargeable?

No. They just last longer than regular batteries. They should not be recharged.

Which brand of batteries lasts the longest in electronic children's games?

Energizer batteries last the longest for electronic games. They last 20 hours or longer.

Which batteries last longer Duracell Energizer Walgreen's generic brand?

did an experiment and found out walgreen's supercell lasts longer than energizer and duracell

What are some of the best rechargeable batteries out there that will last a long time?

The longest lasting rechargeable batteries I have found were made by Energizer. When fully charged and used with official Energizer chargers, they tend to last even longer, even with battery-draining technology.

How long does two double A energizer batteries last in flashlights?

3 hours and 56 minutes =]

How long will rayovac batteries last?

As long as Energizer! Seriously, it's the cheapest battery out there and lasts just as long as Energizer and Duracell. Moar bang for yer buck.

What is the best brand of watch batteries?

There are many different brands of watch batteries available. A good brand is Maxell which can be found at Another good brand in energizer. Their batteries last a long time.

How long do energizer batteries last in a flashlight?

It jus depends on a few factors like the capacity and how many amps the light draws n this n that. But I have found Energizer to be the best batteries for flashlights!!! With a single AA Energizer battery lasting anywhere from 2-5 hours with the flashlight being continuously on till it turned off. So they may even last a lil bit longer if not in constant use like that!!!

On which store can I buy AAA batteries that last long?

Costco and Walgreens have longer lasting AAA batteries from Energizer and Duracell. Also, grocery stores and drugs stores like CVS sell AAA batteries as well.

How long does a AAA energizer battery last in a Mp?

21 hours is how long.I did a science fair project on it.Dollar General brand batteries last longer than 5 hours!

Do Duracell batteries really last longer?

In my personal experience, they have always lasted longer that Energizer and other brands I have tried. They use Duracell batteries in the transplant of artificial organs simply because they are known for their lasting duration.

Why Duracell battery lasts longer than energizer?

i think they last longer then energizer because they cost more money than energizer.

What are the best rechargeable batteries to use for my X-Box controllers?

I would (having owned an X-box) recommand Energizer go green-rechargable batteries, these last long in the remote and can with stand more then a few chargings.

Which battery last longer?

Aa energizer

How long does an energizer battery last when powered by a flashlight?

It's the other way around - the batteries powers the flashlight. There's no set answer to that. It depends on the capacity/size of the battery, and how powerful the flashlight is.

Should I store my batteries in the refridgerator so that they last longer?

Energizer says that modern batteries don't need to be stored in refrigerators.They recommend storing them at room temperature.Makers of lithium batteries call this an old wives tale.However other sources seem to indicate that they do keep longer.It's apparently something that can be argued.