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For a Regular sized potato (3"-4" long), try 50-60 minutes at 350-400 degrees. (This varies depending on whether you want just cooked or well cooked skin.)

Either use a baking pan with the potato uncovered for dry crispy skins, or wrap the potato in foil without a baking pan for softer skin (add 15 minutes to cook time if wrapped).

For 7"-8" baking potatoes cook 80-90 minutes at 400 degrees for either wrap method.

Options: Rub butter or other oil on skin to add taste and help keep soft in either version. You can add salt and pepper to taste before cooking. Too much salt may dry the skin. Sea salt is a good choice.

Only for conventional oven method - Place a metal cooking pin all the way through (use two if needed) to cut the cooking time by a third.

When potato is done, you should be able to squeeze slightly lengthwise or cross-wise for softness.

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Q: How long do you bake a potato in the oven and at what temperature?
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