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How long do you have to be unemployed before you can file bankruptcy?


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You do not have to be unemployed to file bankruptcy.

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You do not have to be unemployed to file for chapter 7 or any bankruptcy.

If it is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you have to wait 8 years before you can file it again.

When you file for bankrupt, you can wait for 2 years before u can buy a house.

8 years between discharge of bankruptcy to re-file.

the answer is yes, Yes mother and daughter can file bankruptcy jointly and also you and your husband will file bankruptcy jointly is still accepted as long as its not same sex marriage.

You have to wait 8 years before you can file Chapter 7 again. (Before the new bankruptcy law passed in 2005, you could file every six years.) For Chapter 13 reorganization, you can file more often than that, but you can't have more than one case open at the same time.

In order to file for bankruptcy a person will need to hire an attorney or lawyer. Bankruptcy has long term financial consequences for the person so a competent attorney should be hired.

can you stop wage garnishment from your wages if you file bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is Federal jurisdiction, therefore, the state has nothing to do with it. Usually, when you file bankruptcy, you cannot file for another 7 years, Period. No matter which state you live in.

Any debt that you accumulate before your bankruptcy filing and have listed on your petition will be eliminated when you receive your discharge as long as your creditors do not file an injunction against you. After you receive your discharge you are welcome and able to open new credit accounts but any debt you accumulate will not be considered a part of the bankruptcy you filed before opening the account.

Generally ten years from the time of the last (closing) activity of the said bankruptcy.

Assuming it is federal bankruptcy, 8 years, the same in every state.

They WILL sue you as long as they have the legal right to do so. Bankruptcy may be your only option.

It should, but only for as long as the bankruptcy is active, and only so long as the debt is listed after the bankruptcy is discharged. More accurately, the garnishment must stop when the plantiff in the judgment has received notice that there is a bankruptcy.

Yes, Federal Law requires that you live in the state of filing a minimum of 91 days prior to your BK date.You should file bankruptcy in the state that you have spent the greater part of the last 180 days. However, any federal bankruptcy court has the authority to hear bankruptcy cases, since the jurisdiction is federal.It is a good idea to speak to an attorney before you move. If you are in financial trouble but haven't lived in your state for 91 days, don't let that stop you from speaking with an attorney. It may take time to to prepare your documents and get everything in place to file.Source:

Bankruptcy lasts on your credit record for 7 to 10 years. You can re file a Chapter 7 after it has been 8 years. You can file a different chapter after it has been four years.

You have to wait eight years after filing for Chapter 7 and 4 after filing for Chapter 13.

Well there is actually no limit as long as you pretend you are heaps poor. Some people call it fraud but i think of it more as a 'business opportunity'

Now that depends on how much or how many assets you have. If you file bankruptcy and depending on the type of bankruptcy you file you can keep your car and different things as long as its not too much. Your allowed to keep your things as long as it doesn't go over your allotted amount. The best thing to do is talk to an attorney most of them will talk to you the first time free and they will let you know what you can keep and what you can't. Hope this helps. D.

So long as you are eligible for a Chapter 7 discharge and the bankruptcy court did not specifically order you not to refile a new bankruptcy, you should be able to file a new Chapter 7 right away. Because of the recent changes in the law, plese consult with a bankruptcy attorney before making any decisions.

As long as the date and time stamp on your bankruptcy petition is prior to the time of the auction on the date for the auction, yes you can.

Any time before a judicial lien is filed on any property that you may have. Although you can always do a lien avoidance, it always a better to file BK before the creditor gets a lien on your property- its less hassle for you.

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