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You don't need to get insurance just because you got your license; it's not directly connected like that. If you have a valid license, and don't own a car, you could drive someone elses car that is insured by them. BUT you do need insurance to register a car and be legal. You would want insurance the day you buy and register a car.

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Q: How long do you have to get insurance from the day you first get your license?
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Do you need to be covered by your parent's car insurance to drive first day you get license?

What do you think will happen if you have an accident on the first day you have a license? Let's say you hurt someone with a medical cost of $100,000 and total their $45,000 car. Since it's your first day should you get a pass? Who will pay for their damages and medical costs? Of course you need to be covered by your parents auto insurance on the first day you get a license. If your old enough to get a license you need to think like an adult with responsibilities.

When did Georgia start requiring motorcycle license?

Ga. first required motorcycle licenses in 1977. The first day they were required I took the test and got mine. They did not require insurance, though.

How long does it take to get auto insurance?

1 day.

Do 15 year olds with learners permits have to have insurance for their parents car?

No it depends on you insurance company, some companies require the kid to be on the insurance while others don't until they get their day license.

How long can you lose your license for?

It depends on the violation. Anyone can lose their license for one day through permanently.

how do i get a license for my home day care in pa?

All you need is a business license long as you stay small.

Do you need a fishing license for only one day UK?

You need a fishing license 2 fish anywhere and you can have them 4 long then a day as well

Are doggy day cares required to be licensed in the state CA?

Yes, they do require a license. You will more than likely have to check into zoning restrictions, inspections, and insurance, as well as the license.

When your drivers license expires in IL how long do you have to renew it?

Same day

What companies offer one day insurance?

Some insurance companies offer one day insurance for special events. A popular reason is for rental vehicles. If you are renting a vehicle, you may not need the insurance policy for a long term.

How long does a deep sea fishing license last?

It depends on where you get the license. In Florida, a resident can get a 1 year, a 5 year, or a lifetime Saltwater Fishing license. Nonresidents can get an annual (1 year), a 3 day, or a 7 day Saltwater Fishing License. In California, residents and nonresidents can get a 1 year, 1 day, or 2 day Sport Fishing license. Nonresidents can also get a 10 day Sport Fishing license. Residents can get a lifetime Fishing License.

You have a good track record with regards to your drivers license and if you had an accident with an expired drivers license and renewed it the next day after the accident will the insurance pay out?

If you were driving with an expired drivers license they will not insure you so if they find out you are up s--t creek. what they may do is ask you for your drivers license record up to date and then they will spot it. If you are lucky they wont. However they have not paying insurance down to a fine art.

How do you claim against someone with one day car insurance?

They will have a pink card stating the insurance company on it still, as long as the accident happened in the one day they were insured.

If you get your learners permit at 18 how long is it until you can get your license?

If u get your permit at the age of 18 you can go back the next day to get your license.

How long do you have to have your learners permit if you're 18 before you can get your license in West Virginia?

you can get it the next day or in a week or even the same day.. however long

Do you have a 30 day grace period to get a motorcylce license if you just bought the bike?

That would depend on state law. Your DMV will be happy to tell you. You probably need an operator's license to drive it and license tags for it. You also will need insurance in many states.

Driving with no insurance in Georgia?

if found guilty a 60/90 day license suspension in addition to a fine of not less that $200 but not exceeding $1000

Which day is long day light?

the first day of summer

If you buy a used car on Saturday is it covered on your current insurance in Arizona?

As with any Insurance Company, as long as you registered the car with your car insurance company, then you are covered either same day or next billing cycle. Usually same day.

How long will you stay in jail for driving on a suspended license?

1 year and a day

If you receive twelve point within twelve months for how long will your license be suspended?

30 day

How long does a DWI stay in your record in New Mexico?

DWI will always remain on your drivers record. Your drivers record doesn't ever "go away." It is a permanent record of your driving from the first day that you were issued your first license.

What do the numbers on a Colorado driver license mean?

The first two numbers represent the year you first got your license in CO. (This includes when you got your learner's permit). The next 3 numbers represent what day of the year you went in to get your license, and the last 4 represent what number in line you were that day to get it, this includes all DMVs throughout the state. Your license number will never change, even when renewing your license or if you move out of the state and come back.

Can you get a marriage license in ga and get married the same day?

Yes, you can obtain your marriage license and have your ceremony on the same day in Georgia. You should schedule your ceremony first and apply for your license earlier in the day. Both of you need to appear together at the county probate court. If one of you is a resident of Georgia, the license can be issued in any county. If not, the license must be issued in the county in which your ceremony will take place. Good luck!

Are you eligible for workman's compensation your first day of work?

If your company is required to carry Worker's?æCompensation Insurance, then all employees are covered. It doesn't matter then how long you've been employed, as long as you're injured on the job.