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How long do you have to go to school to be a Doctor's Assistant?

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how long do you have to go to school to be a medical assistant sarah how long do you have to go to school to be a medical assistant sarah

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How long does a physician assistant go to college?

about 3 years. including flight school.

How long do brain doctors go to school?

Probally anywhere from 7 to 10 years.

Do you have to have a high school diploma or GED to go to college to be a medical assistant?

do you have to have a high school diploma to go to collage to get your medical assistant degree

How long does it take to become a dental assistant?

it takes between 9 and 12 months to become a certified/registered dental assistant depending on the school you go to.

How long do you need to go to school to become a nursing assistant?

6 weeks to 3 months, but with the three months you might go to a facility it just depends on the school and if the school is close to one.

Can I go to school to become an administrative assistant?

Yes you can go to school to become an administrative assistant . Here are the sites I found for you to look at www.academyoflearning.com/ , and www.guidetocareereducation.com/

How long must one go to school for a good career?

How long one must go to school to have a good career will vary depending on the career. For example, doctors will need to attend school until they receive their doctorate degree.

How long do doctors have to go to school?

4 yrs college 3 yrs medical school 2 yrs internship 1 resident

Does medical assistant can become physician assistant?

Sure, a medical assistant can become a physician's assistant if they go back to school and complete a physician's assistant program.

How long does a anesthesiology assistant has to go to school?

At least two years. Most likely 27 months or 7 semesters.

How long do doctors go to university?

Doctors go to college for six years. They have to in order to get a degree.

How long does doctors go to school?

it all depends what kind of doctor you want to be but it can take normally 8-10 years

How long do I need to go to school to be a Veterinary Assistant?

Vet assistants should at least have an undergrad degree. This is a 4 year degree.

How old were the youngest Victorian doctors?

In the early era doctors were not all qualified. The General Medical Council made an election to fight for qualified doctors and medical appliances. From then on everyone who wanted to be a doctor or nurse had to go to medical school. It was not 7 years long back then but it was a few years long. To attend this school they had to be over 20, so most doctors were about 22-25, at the youngest.

Does a od doctor go to same type of college as a MD doctor?

No. MD doctors go to 4 years of medical school. OD doctors go through 4 years of optometry school.

How do doctors get their job?

they go to medical school, then apply at hospitals

What school should a doctor go to?

There are many schools that doctors can go to and receive a good education. Doctors can get an Ivy League education at Harvard.

How long do you have to go to school to be a stenographer?

How long do you have to go to school to be a stenographer?

Would doctors let you go school if you have jaundice?

Doctors may or may not allow you to go to school if you have jaundice. It depends on whether the jaundice is caused by an infectious disease and the effect that it would have on your health.

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