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10 days

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Q: How long do you have to redeem your car in California after it has been repossessed?
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If a car has California plates but was repossessed in North Carolina is there anything you can do to get it back?

Simple question, simple answer. CALL THE LENDER. They can tell you how much to redeem and how long to do it.

How long do you have to redeem your car if it is repossessed in Georgia by a title pawn co?

Likely its on your paperwork. In MS. its 3 days. Its in 14 pt letters in red here.

How long does the bank have to come after you after your car has been repossessed?

Does the bank have your current address and/or phone number? They will be calling on you.

If your car has been repossessed are you required to continue insurance and for how long?

Once your car is repossessed, it is covered by the repo companys and the lenders VERY expensive ins. No need for you to maintain coverage UNLESS you plan on redeeming it ASAP.

How do i report a repossessed bike?

If it's repossessed, it's repossessed... there's nothing to report. As long as there's a lien on that vehicle, the lienholder is the rightful owner of it, and can reclaim their property.

How long has California been a state?

California became the 31st state on September 9, 1850. California has been a State for 162 years.

How long do collection agencies have to recover debt after a vehicle has been repossessed in the state of New York?

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Is there a way to to redeem music from iTunes without a computer?

If you have an IPod Touch or IPhone you can redeem it on there as long as you have wifi.

Can a tractor be repossessed?

Yes, as long as it has some value

How long before your vehicle can legally be repossessed?


How long did it take for the California Aqueduct to build?

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How long has Sacramento been the state capitol in California?

for about 50 years

After you buy a repossessed car does it stay marked as repossessed as long as it is driven even though it is paid off?

The car isn't damaged, the debtor's credit rating is. There is no permanent record of the car as a repossessed vehicle like there is for a salvaged title.

How long have Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein been California senators?

She has been senator since 1992.

Can a car be repossessed when 1 payment is left?

As long as you owe them money they can take it.

If a car was repossessed how long does it stay on your credit before it is removed?

7 years

How long does one have to be delinquent on a loan before a car is repossessed?

To determine how long one will have to be delinquent on a loan before a car is repossessed depends entirely on where the loan was taken from. Different places allow different payback requirements.

How long has California been at an active plate boundry?

225 million years

How long has California been at an active plate bondary?

225 million years

How long has California been at an active plate boundary?

225 million years

What happens when you take a car out of state when it is being repossessed?

I can can be legally repossessed no matter where it goes in the USA. As long as the repossessor can find the car and identify it as the one to be repossessed. It may not be cost effective if it is a long distance unless the vehicle is of greater value than the cost of returning it and paying someone to do that. They can also wait until you return.

How long has the California Governor been in position?

Governor Schwarsenegger has been in office since 17 November 2003.

How long is unpaid autoloan gets repossedin Calif?

Your auto can be repossessed because of nonpayment after 2 months. There is no firm rule in the state of California on the number of months , some companies may repo after 3 months or later.

Can your car be repossessed if you only owe 450 dollars?

As long as the 450.00 is in DEFAULT, it can be repoed.

Can my house be repossessed if my husband is madebankrupt but is not on the deeds?

Your husband's name is not on the deed, but is he on the loan? If yes, then it cannot be foreclosed and repossessed if the property is listed on his bankruptcy filing, and, as long as his bankruptcy payments are current. If he defaults on bankruptcy payments, then you can lose the property. If he is not on the loan, then your house can be foreclosed and repossessed.