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Why would you need contacts after the surgery? You need to ask your doctor about this one.

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Q: How long do you have to wait before you can wear contacts after retinal laser surgery?
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Laser Eye Surgery?

form_title= Laser Eye Surgery form_header= Improve your vision with laser eye surgery. Do you wear contacts or glasses?*= () Contacts () Glasses () None Do you have dry eyes?*= () Yes () No Are you pregnant?*= () Yes () No

How can you eliminate myopia?

With laser surgery or it can be corrected with glasses or contacts.

With Laser Vision surgery will glasses or contacts still be needed?

"After receiving Laser Vision surgery, glasses and contacts will no longer be needed. The reason is because the surgery fixes your eye sight so that it is 20/20 so that you will not need glasses or contacts for vision correcting purposes."

How is retinal detachment treated by doctors?

Traditional treatment of retinal detachment involves immediate surgery to repair the retina. Small holes or tears may be sealed with a laser or with cryotherapy (freezing)

How can short sightedness be cured?

contacts, glasses, laser eye surgery, take your pick.

What is laser refractive surgery and what are its benefits?

Laser refractive surgery is one of the many available vision correction procedures. Lasers are used to manipulate the shape of the Cornea, and eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contacts. Advantages of laser refractive surgery are that it is an out-patient procedure, meaning no over-night hospitalization, and it eliminates the need to continually spend money on contacts.

What does the term LASIK stand for in regards to laser eye surgery?

Lasik stands for Laser Assisted in situ Keratomileusis, it is a common type of laser eye surgery which provide a permanent solution instead of glasses and contacts.

What does LASIK laser surgery correct?

LASIK surgery is a laser eye surgery that can correct astigmatism, myopia, and hypermetropia. This surgery also makes a persons eyesight generally better. LASIK normally provides a permanent alternative to glasses or contacts.

Is laser eye care safer than just wearing glasses?

Laser eye care or laser corrective surgery is a convenient solution to eye glasses and contacts. Laser surgery has progress to a point where there is only a 1% negative side effect.

How long does retinal detachment laser surgery take to preform with the macula on?

Retinal detachment laser surgery takes about 10-15 minutes. Depending on the size of the tear, outpatient hospital sugery may be required. Depending on the type of pain that you are going through. The most common amount of time for the procedure is around two hours.

How do you improve your eyesight so that you do not need to wear contacts or glasses anymore?

You get laser eye surgery.

Can Ophthalmologists do laser surgery to correct a retinal detachment or does it have to be done in the hospital?

It is usually done as an outpatient surgery at a hospital. They are unable to do it at a outpatient doctor, due to the room for the surgery and the tools needed are to big to fit in the center.

What are the long term effects of laser vision correction surgery?

For some people, laser vision correction surgery is a success and effects will remain long after surgery has been completed. For some patients, laser vision correction surgery may need to be repeated. In the end the main purpose of laser vision correction surgery is to correct vision problems without the use of contacts or glasses.

Does laser eye treatment really work?

Yes, although it is way more expensive than glasses or even contacts. In the long run, laser surgery would be cheaper than buying contacts every year.

What problems does laser surgery for eyes fix?

Laser eye surgery reshapes the cornea of the eye. This procedure fixes shortsightedness, longsighted, and astigmatism. Some patients may still need to wear contacts or glasses after this procedure.

Can laser surgery improve vision in a lazy eye?

No, the lazy eye is hard wired to the brain and laser vision cannot improve beyond what glasses or contacts can provide.

What are some of the risks of laser eye surgery?

In addition to the normal risks of all surgeries, laser surgery has some unique risks. Laser eye surgery can actually make eyesight worse, and can worsen dry eye conditions. In addition, both under and over corrections are possible, and one may still need eyeglasses or contacts after the surgery.

Can diabetics have lasik surgery?

Answer: Diabetics often receive extensve courses of laser surgery in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy. This involves the sealling of retinal blood vessels with bursts of laser light. Diabetics often have more troubles with thir eyes than can be solved with lasik surgery or new glassses. The eyes ar ei often in a state of flux and must stabilize before any optics changes can help.

Is the use of a laser to reattach a retinal detachment?


Is there such thing as permanent contacts?

Only laser eye surgery can give permanent results. If you'd like to stay with contacts, however, ask your eye doctor about the 30 day variety.

Can a stigmatism be corrected?

I'm guessing you can have laser eye surgery. But I have astigmatism and I just use contacts to correct it. It's a lot easier.

Who does hemorrhoid laser surgery in Tennessee?

Laser is not used for Haemorrhoid surgery

Is laser therapy used to treat retinal vein occlusion?

Recent reports published in 1999 suggest that use of a laser to create a retinal choroidal hole may be useful to treat CRVO.

What are the dangers of LASEK laser eye surgery?

Among the dangers of LASEK laser eye surgery are dry eyes and poor night vision. Before agreeing to any type of surgery you should research the dangers and well as the advantages of the surgery.

What type of surgery is YAG laser surgery?

A YAG laser surgery is a surgery for cataracts. Cataracts are what makes a persons vision blurry or cloudy. The laser surgery makes it so that person can see better after they have the surgery.