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I have owned three hamsters. Each time I adopted one, the person said to leave it in the cage for two days without disturbances. It needed to adjust to its new home. It feels like forever, but if you wait two days before holding your new hamster, it will be happier and it might even live longer.

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โˆ™ 2011-04-23 14:41:14
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Q: How long do you have to wait to hold a hamster after it comes home with you?
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How long do you have to wait until you can hold baby dwarf hamster?


How long can you go on holiday with an hamster at home?

As long AA you want to :)

Do you have any advice on how I can hold my hamster that I have not been able to hold after trying everything?

Well first how long do you have your hamster because if you have it only a couple of days it doesen't know you and don't want's to be holded.Or maybe you didn't treated your hamster very well.Think about that.

When you get a hamster how long should you let it get used to its home?

a couple weeks

When you first get a dwarf robo hamster how long do you have to wait to hold them?

When I first got my Roborovski hamster, I held it as soon as I could. It was 6 weeks old and very friendly to me. Always hold it when sitting down, otherwise you will scare it.

What to do when you get a new hamster?

Well, when you get a new hamster. You know you need all of the food and the cage. And stuffing. Leave the hamster alone for atleast 2 days. It needs to get use to its new home. If you touch the hamster before 2 days nothing will happen. It might just be a little skiddish. Scared of you. But you should hold your hamster(s) everyday for atleast 10-20 minutes. It doesn't matter how long you play with it. They are fragile so be gental.

How long do you have to play with hamster?

well i would say as much as you can the more you play with them and hold them the more loving they will be.

How long could the hamster hold there food in?

It all depends on the type but usually they hold it for awhile until they eat it no more than a day is normal.

How long does it take for the hamster to get used to his new home?

2 oe 3 days

How long does a hamster stay shy?

It depends how often you hold him/her, and for how long. The more you handle a hamster, the quicker it will become less shy. Male hamsters tend to be more shy, and female hamsters tend to be more vicious. It also depends how much the hamster has been held in the pet shop it came from.

How long can a Syrian hamster stay in hibernation?

how long can a Syrian hamster hibernate for

Is it okay if a long haired hamster drinks from a dwarf hamster bottle?

it is okay for any hamster to drink out of a hamster bottle as long as you clean the bottle.(you should clean it everyday)

How do you take care of a aggressive female hamster?

Try to hold her as much as you can and just keep loving her and she won`t be aggressive long.

When was Greater Long-tailed Hamster created?

Greater Long-tailed Hamster was created in 1899.

How long will a hamster die if you sprayed it continuously with axe?

Well, for starters why are you spraying him in the first place?! And second of all, what do you mean by "How long will a hamster DIE?" Do you mean "How long will a hamster LIVE?"

How long should you hold your robo dwarf hamster in his hamster ball?

You shouldn't leave them in the ball for to long as their feet will start to hurt them. ! :) I leave mine in for 5mins in the morning 15min at dinner and 5mins at night... My hamster has been alive for 3 and a half years but unfortunately died on 18 September 2009 :'( !

How long until infection comes in place from a hamster bite?

I'm a pet doctor and i thought it was about in between 1-2 weeks

How much does a Hamster cost at petco?

it depends on how long the hamster lives.

How do you make a hamster trap if the hamster won't jump big gaps?

Get a majorly long string of yarn and tie some with their shells peanuts to it then leave it there when the hamster comes out at night it will try to gather the peanuts then leaving a trail of yarn to its hiding place set up several of these in different rooms

How much is it to get a hamster?

my hamster cost about 20.00 for a long haired hamster but in total over 1 month about 100.00 dollars cage included but i spoil my hamster.

Can you put a short haired hamster in a cage with a long haired hamster?

Yes you can

How long can a hamster be alone?

You need to be more specific with your question. Are you asking how long you can leave your hamster while you go away for a few days? Or, are you asking how long can a hamster live alone as the only hamster? If you are concerned about your hamster possibly becoming lonely for another hamster, don't worry, because they are naturally solitary animals. Normally, they are only together to mate or if a mother is taking care of her young pups.

Can a teddy bear hamster get pregnant with a non teddy bear hamster?

yes as long as its a hamster cause i have a Teddy bear hamster shes adorable name is daisy.

Can you breed a long hair male hamster with a short hair female hamster?

You can breed a long hair male hamster with a short hair female hamster because it doesn't matter the length. The only thing that matters is the breed and the age,

How long hamster will pregnant?

It depends on the type of hamster you have. I have a Chinese dwarf hamster and I found they are typically pregnant from 14-21 days.

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