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How long depends on lots of things, but 2 years is average. Althought if a gap is the only thing that needs "fixed", it will probably be much shorter. You could also possibly have the gap fixed with tooth colored filling at a regular dentist. You should have a consult with both an orthodontist and a regular dentist to find out cost and their opinions before you make your decision.

Yes, thankfully there is an alternative. Teeth Gap "" sells a product called Teeth Effect bands for $16.95. This is a great solution to a common problem. Worked for me.

You can't really fix this kind of problem because whats usually causing the gap is frenem on your gums. So to get rid of your gap entirely you need to get a quick surgery on getting that web clipped off. And then getting braces or somthing like that to do the rest.

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Q: How long do you have to wear braces to fix a gap in your teeth and is there anything else that will fix them?
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You can be any age as long as you have all your adult teeth, or if your dentist feels it is appropriate to put braces on your teeth.

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As long as you brush your teeth while you have your braces, there will be no marks. I had no marks on my teeth when my braces were removed. Another student in my school, however, never brushed her teeth and when her braces were removed she actually had brown bands on her teeth. ~ T

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