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As long as you have a license you can drive a truck, there are no extra requirements.

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Q: How long do you need a vailed drivers licsens to drive a truck?
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Do truck drivers really drive trucks?


What do cattle truck drivers do?

drive cattle trucks

Can truck drivers drive on Veterans Day?

They can (and do) drive any day of the year...

Which documents does a truck driver need to drive?

drivers licence C

Are there black truck drivers?

Yes, there are black truck drivers. Also women, Native American, etc etc. Race has no bearing on whether you can drive.

What type of drivers licence do you need to drive a tow truck in Oregon?

Depends on the GVWR of the tow truck.

How muck money do truck drivers make yearly?

Anywhere from minimum wage to a substantial wage. It all depends on their job specifics (not all truck drivers are line haul drivers, and not all truck drivers do nothing more than drive a truck), their experience, what the company is willing to pay them, and other factors.

What is the average miles per week do truck drivers drive?

3,000 somthing like that

What kind of a license do I need to drive a tow truck?

Towing businesses are highly regulated. In most states you need a special tow truck license. Often the local municipalities will have further restrictions. The type of license required to drive a tow truck depends on the state and the size of the tow truck. Flat bed drivers generally required a CDL where as claw truck drivers generally can use their regular drivers license.

Can a convicted felon drive a truck?

There are no restrictions on a convicted felon having a commercial truck drivers license. The question becomes whether a prospective employer will hire him or not. The career-field for truck drivers is generally pretty good.

Is a CDL required to operate a pallet truck?

A CDL or comercial drivers license allows drivers to drive taxis, minibuses, lorries and trucks. This license includes pallet trucks and any driver wishing to drive a pallet truck must have a CDL.

Do truck drivers drive all night?

Yes! There are fewer vehicles on the road and most deliveries in the A.M.

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