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the rainbow headed warior will stay for about 25 more years.

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Q: How long does Jeff hardy have left on his contract?
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How long is Jeff Hardy's suspension?

Jeff Hardy is not suspended. His contract expired, he chose not to renew it, and then he got arrested when the police found his stash.

Is Jeff hardy on tna now?

yes he is but not for long because he signed a short term contract

Is Jeff hardy in WWE 12?

Jeff is not in wwe 12. he left a long time ago. hes not going to be in wwe 12.

How long is Jeff Hardy's 2010 contract with TNA?

i think it is about 3 years so he might return to wwe in 2012.

How long until Jeff hardy returns?

Jeff Hardy will never return to WWE again.

Has Jeff Hardy joined TNA?

As of right now when Jeff Hardy showed up at TNA on Monday January 4th 2010 he signed a contract but nobody knows for how long. He is suppose to return to WWE to promo a match for Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk at Wrestlemania 26.

How long did it take Jeff hardy to grow his hair out?

It took Jeff Hardy a couple of years to grow his hair out.

Is Jeff Hardy married?

Yes, Jeff Hardy is married. He married his long time girlfriend on March 9, 2011.

If Jeff Hardy is retiring from the WWE then why is he getting another title shot?

Jeff hardy is not retireing for a long time!so he is getting another shot because he is going to stay in the wwe. Jeff Hardy let his contract expire, on Smackdown CM Punk challenged him 2 put his career on the line if Jeff lost he would leave if Punk lost punk would leave Jeff lost so he left. The title shot was just giving Jeff Hardy fans like me a ray of hope that he would win. Bu the said we will see him again when the time is rite!!

How long will Jeff hardy be arrested?

a long time if he does not stop the drugs

How long has Jeff hardy been on smackdown?

Jeff hardy has been on smackdown for 2 years now going on 3 next year.

How long has Jeff hardy smoked?

Ever since he was a kid

How long will WWE Jeff hardy be in jail?

He is not currently in jail

How long did Jeff and Maria date?

Jeff has never dated maria Jeff hardy and maria are dating now!!!!!!!

How long is Jeff Hardy suspended for?

becues he failde in drog test

How long has Jeff hardy been a wrestler?

professionally 10 years

How long will Jeff hardy be with tna?

He has signed a deal with them for 12 months

When is Jeff Hardy going to return after the steel cage match with CM Punk?

NO. Jeff hardy is in jail for cocain in his house and i don't know how long he is going to be in .

Do Jeff hardy like Laura bruyere?

Jeff is still with long time girlfriend Beth Britt

Is jillian and Jeff hardy dating?

No they are not dating!! Jeff is still with long time girlfriend Beth Britt!

How long was Jeff hardy in the WWE?

well think about it Jeff hardy has been in the wwe since he was 19 years old he is now 30 use your mind and calculate that.!!!!!

How long has Jeff Hardy been in a relationship with Beth?

who knows....we sure dont

What happen to Jeff hardy the wrestler?

cm punk retired him when it was cm punk vs Jeff hardy but teddy long said he can come back when ever he like (after the match).

Did Jeff hardy grow up with Shannon Moore?

Yes he did Matt and Jeff Hardy are long time friends with Shannon Moore even though Shannon is years younger.

How long will Jeff Hardy be in TNA?

Jeff hardy will be with TNA until either his contract run out or when they stop continuing his trial on his drug trials from 2009 if they find him guilty there is no telling for sure when Jeff will be done with TNA but Matt will most likely soon join him in TNA after his 90 day non compete clause is done Source: and thoughtful thinking