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The hormones last only as long as the rings in your body. The ring is supposed to be taken out every three weeks and you can go get a new one.
After Nuva Ring is out for seven days, you no longer have protection against pregnancy. If you had a regular 28 day cycle prior to using Nuva Ring, you can expect to ovulate in 2-4 weeks, and for your first post-ring period to come in 4-6 weeks.
You keep it in for three weeks, and remove it for one week. Pregnancy protection stops after it's been out for 7 days. Ovulation starts 2-4 weeks after that, and the next period arrives 4-6 weeks after.
After taking out the last Nuva Ring, you'll get your usual withdrawal bleed. After that, you can expect your next period in four to six weeks, if your periods were regular 28 day cycles prior to using Nuva Ring. If they were not regular before, they are likely to resume their previous irregular habit.
Depends a lot on a persons individual body and how it takes to the active medication in the bc also depends on how long you were on the Birth Control. It should stay in your systematleast the 7 days you on your off week. But sometimes people will find when ttc that it can take months to get a bfp when others get a bfp within the next month.

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Q: How long does NuvaRing stay in your system?
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