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If Nuvaring makes you feel very sick can you remove it the next day if you have used the nuvaring during unprotected sex?



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Answer 2:

In order for the NuvaRing to be effective, you must use it the way it supposed to be used. You must NOT remove it the day after having unprotected sex. If it does not stay in for the entire three weeks after you put it in, it is NOT effective.

Answer 1:

Basically, yes. But you must visit a doctor to see why it makes you sick and what to use instead. Also, sex with Nuvaring is not unprotected sex. You protected, with Nuvaring :-).

I would say it is pretty clear to anyone that the NUvaring should be used as described in the manual in order to be effective for future time. The question here, however, is if taking the Nuvaring out has consequences on being still protected from the effects of a previous sexual intercourse. The Nuvaring did its job during the intercourse, and is of course not protecting you any further if you take it out.