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Sirius does not orbit the Sun.

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How long does it take for Earth to orbit the Sun? One year, or 365.25636042 days.

Uranus will take 29 years to orbit around the sun?

Quite simply, the Sun DOESN'T orbit the Moon.

It takes Mercury 88 days to orbit the sun.

Haumea takes 283.28 years to orbit the Sun.

Triton doesn't orbit the sun, it orbits Neptune.

How long does it take Uranus to rotate on rd axis and orbit around the sun

Alpha Centauri does not orbit the sun.

Do you mean how long does it take Mercury to orbit the sun ? 87.969 days

The Sun does not orbit the Earth, the Earth orbits the sun. It takes abut 365.25 days for the Earth to orbit the Sun.

Uranus takes 84.3 Earth years to orbit the Sun.

== == === === The earth and moon together orbit the sun once a year.

If you mean earth, then it takes one year for the earth to orbit the sun

It takes Mercury 88 earth days to orbit the Sun.

No answer The Sun does not orbit Pluto Pluto orbits the Sun, which takes about 248 years.

It takes Pluto so long to orbit the sun because it is farther away for the sun. eg mercury can orbit the sun quicker because it is closer.

It take about 84 Earth years for Uranus to orbit the sun.84.32 Earth years

The orbit of how long it takes Mars to orbit the sun is 687 Earth days.

Neptune needs 165 years to orbit the sun once.

It takes approximately 247.92 Earth years for Pluto to orbit the Sun.

Jupiter takes 12 Earth years to orbit the sun.

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