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Sirius does not orbit the Sun.

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8 light years to reach earth.

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Q: How long does Sirius take to orbit the sun?
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Is sirius a cold?

No. Sirius is far from a cold star. Sirius is actually a binary system about 8.6 light years away. Sirius A is a white main sequence star just over twice the size of the sun. Sirius B is a white dwarf stellar remnant of about 0.978 solar masses. The temperature of the two stars are far higher than that of our sun. The sun is about 5778 Kelvin, Sirius A is almost twice that at 9,940 K and Sirius B is many times that at 25,200 K.

What would happen if the sun was replaced by Sirius A?

Sirius A is about twice as massive as our sun, but has a surface temperature of around 10000 degrees Kelvin, compared with our suns surface temperature of around 5800 Kelvin. The Earth and all of the other planets would be a lot hotter if they remained at their current orbit, though the orbits would change as the gravitational pull of Sirius A would be greater. The water on earth would boil off and it would become a barren planet that could not support life. Even Mars may be too hot to support life if Sirius A were our star.

Is sirius bigger than earth?

Yes. Sirius actually consists of two stars. The main object, Sirius A is not only bigger than Earth but is almost twice the diameter of the sun. The secondary star, Sirius B is a collapsed remnant of a star called a white dwarf. It is slightly smaller than Earth but far denser.

How old is the star sirius?

From Wikipedia: "The age of the system [Sirius is a double star] is estimated at around 230 million years." So, a fairly young star, at least if compared to typical stars, including our own Sun.

What constellation does that star Sirius belong to?

== == Sirius is the Dog Star, the brightest star (after the sun) in the sky.

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How long does it take for one orbit of the sun?

How long does it take for Earth to orbit the Sun? One year, or 365.25636042 days.

How long does it take for the plant to orbit the sun?

plants don't orbit the sun... :

How long does it take for the sun to complete one orbit around the sun?

The sun does not orbit itself!

How long does it take for the sun to orbit the moon?

Quite simply, the Sun DOESN'T orbit the Moon.

How long does it take Alpha Centauri to orbit the sun?

Alpha Centauri does not orbit the sun.

How long does it take mercury to orbit the planet?

Do you mean how long does it take Mercury to orbit the sun ? 87.969 days

How long does it take for earth to do a full orbit?

365.25 days to orbit the sun.

How long does it take in days for the planet Mercury to orbit the Sun?

Mercury's orbit of the sun takes 87.969 days.

How long does it take for pulto to orbit the sun?

It takes approximately 247.92 Earth years for Pluto to orbit the Sun.

How long does in take Pluto to orbit around the sun?

A long time.

Why does it take so long for Neptune to orbit the sun?

As its further away from the Sun.

Why does it take the outer planets so long to orbit the Sun?

The outer planets take longer to orbit the Sun, because they are farther away from the Sun. It make its gravitational pull weaker to the farther planets. That means that the outer planets take longer to orbit the Sun.