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The documents that are on file with the local recorders office are permanent, so it will always remain "public record" in that sense. On the other hand, most negative information on your credit report must drop after 7 years and that is probably the question you intended to ask.

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Q: How long does a Florida foreclosure remain on public record?
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How do you remove your name from the deed when the house goes into foreclosure?

You can't remove your name from a deed. After the foreclosure sale a foreclosure deed will be recorded from the lender to the new owner. Your deed will remain on record as part of the record history of the property.

How long does an misdemeanor stay on your record in Florida?

Unless it was committed prior to your 18th birthday at which point it will be shielded from public view, it will always remain unless legal action is taken to expunge it.

How long does public intoxication stay on your record?

Public Intoxication is a misdemeanor offense, but it will remain a permanent part of your criminal history record if it occurred after your 18th birthday.

How long will a civil judgment remain on public record in pa?

7 years

How long does a warrant remain public record in Indiana?

Question isn't clear. An active (i.e.- unserved) warrant is not usually a "public' record. The fact that you may have been arrested on a warrant IS a public record. If that doesn't answer your question, reword and resubmit it.

How long does DUI conviction remain on driving record in Florida?

it takes up to ten years

How long do Environmental documents remain public record?

The key phrase is "PUBLIC records." All public records are always just that: Always available to the public for scrutiny.

How long is a DUI likely to stay on a public record?

The time a DUI conviction stays on a public record varies between states. In some states it is on one's record forever. In other states it will remain on record for at least 5 years.

How long does a foreclosure initiated stay on your credit?

Foreclosures remain on your report for 7 years. It is difficult to get a foreclosure removed.

How long will my foreclosure stay on my credit report?

A foreclosure remains for a minimum of 7 years. In some states, it can legally remain for longer.

How long will a civil judgment remain on public record in Ohio?

Most courts never destroy their records.

What is the procedure for reporting a foreclosure to the credit bureaus and does it have to be hand-delivered and what can you do to have it removed?

Foreclosure is a legal procedure filed against borrowers who have failed to pay a mortgaged home loan. If the loan itself is reported to the credit bureaus, then prior to the filing of the legal action the "tradeline" (account listing) would be notated "foreclosure" or "foreclosure proceedings begun". This idicates the account is seriously delinquent and filing of legal action is imminient. This "reporting" is done by the lender/Data Furnisher. This entry would remain for 7 years from the month/year the account was last paid on time immediately prior to its' default. If no remedy is provided (quick sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure or payment in full), then the lender proceeds to file the actual legal action. This does not "get reported". Rather, as with all public records, independent contractors scan public records and re-sells these to various databases, including the three major credit bureaus. By this method, the legal action of foreclosure finds its' way onto your personal credit report. The legal item would be displayed on your credit report for 7 years from the date of filing. So, it is possible to have two notations, one in the "account history" section and one in the "public records" sections, of the same foreclosure. Both entries would be correct. The public record would remain for slightly longer than the account entry notation. If the foreclosure is accurate, there is little a consumer can do to have it removed. This information would be considered vital credit data. Foreclosure is huge indicator of credit risk and is the exact reason that credit information is referenced by prospective lenders. If, on the slim chance, you did manage to have an accurate foreclosure item removed from your credit report; the public record at your local courthouse would still remain. Thus, the record would most likely reappear on your credit report in the future. It can be extremely difficult to obtain a mortgage loan with a foreclosure listed on your credit report. Obviously, this is the biggest indication to lenders that you do not repay home loans. It is also the best reason to avoid foreclosure at all costs. Even a deed in lieu of foreclosure is better than allowing a lender to file against you.

At what age can public schools in Florida kick you out?

In Florida a person can remain in high school until they are 21 years old. This is also the case in most states.

How long does a foreclosure stay on your credit report?

A foreclosure will typically remain on your credit report for seven years.

How long does check fraud stay on your public record in Kansas?

If you were arrested, charged, and convicted of that offense it will ALWAYS remain on your criminal record. That is why it is called a criminal HISTORY.

How long does a DUI convictin stay on drivers record in Florida?

DUI isn't just a traffic offense - it's a criminal offense. That'll remain on your criminal record for life.

How long does a domestic violence charge in Florida stay on record?

Unless it occurred prior to your 18th birthday any criminal charge against you will always remain on your criminal history record.

How long does a class c misdemeanor stay on record if a minor in Texas?

It will always remain on your juvenile record, however, that will be sealed to the public when you reach the age of majority (adult) in Texas.

How long does chapter 7 stay on your record?

On standard credit reports, BKs remain being reported for 10 years from discharge. As a matter of public record or for special record requests they are available for much longer.

Can judgments that were included in a bankruptcy filed 10 years ago be removed from the public record?

No. In most cases, public record will remain. That is why many BK attorneys, credit counselors, etc. inform you that a bankruptcy never really "goes away".

How long until a misdemeanor is sealed in Florida?

A juvenile misdemeanor is sealed when one turns 18. An adult misdemeanor will always remain on your record.

Are last will and testaments in the public record?

If a Last Will and Testament was filed in probate court then it is a public record. You can go to the court where the estate was filed and ask to review the file.

How long is a felony on your record in Florida?

A felony in Florida can remain on your record indefinitely. However, you may be able to seal or expunge the criminal record. Criminal record sealing, under Florida Statute § 943.059, is a process that seals the record from government view, but government agencies (i.e. the police) would retain the ability to access it. Expunging, under Florida Statute § 943.0585, is a similar process that would allow you to seal the record from public access, though government agencies could still obtain access through a court order. Eligibility for criminal record sealing or expunging in Florida can be a tricky process. It is not available to individuals who have been previously convicted of more than one misdemeanor or felony. Additionally, previous juvenile adjunctions, individuals with previously sealed/expunged records, and those under community supervision are not eligible. There is also a long list of criminal offenses that are excluded from this process, including aggravated assault and battery, child abuse, drug trafficking, robbery, and certain other violent crimes, drug crimes, and sexual offenses. Therefore, while the felony can remain on your record, there are options to remove it at the very least from public record. If you are concerned about how a felony conviction can impact your employment prospects, this may be an option to explore.

How can you get a felony off your record in the state of Florida?

File a motion with the Circuit Court requesting your record be expunged of the conviction along with good reasons why your request should be granted. A judge will review your motion and issue a ruling. CAUTION: An expunged conviction is NOT THE SAME as a pardon! The expungment will remove the conviction from your public record, and you will still remain convicted of the offense, but only law enforcement will have access to that info.

What is statute of limitations on records of estate distribution?

Once a probate proceeding is filed in court the file will remain a public record forever.