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Usually a paragraph, but most of the time length doesn't matter it is all about the content. Sometimes multiple paragraphs, depends on your grade.

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Q: How long does a conclusion have to be for a science fair project?
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How long does your analysis have to be in your science project?

As long as necessary in order to show where your conclusion came from.

Sentence for conclusion?

I hope soon my Science project will come to an conclusion.

If you were doing a science fair project on diapers what would you do?

I would do a project about disposable diapers in landfills and how long it takes for them to biodegrade.

How long would it take to lick your way to the center of a tootsie pop?

about 1,176 i did it in a science fair project

How long does a result have to be for a science fair project?

it depends on your grade and school but it should be about two or three sentences. i hope that helps :)

What is a creative science fair project titleMy project inolves how the weight of an object effects how long it takes that object to hit the ground?

maybe how weight effects time for falling.

I know soda cant dissolve a steak but can it dissolve a pork chop and if it can how long im thinking about doing a science fair project on it?

why dont you conduct an experament to see if it will and us that and the data you gather for your science fair project you might even compare it to the stake and see which one takes longer.

Choose the topic that is correctly stated for a science fair project?

if youre trying to think of something to do for a science fair I would do a volcano

What is an easy and quick science fair project?

Volcano. The effect of water and/or light on plants. How long it takes an egg to cook. How long does it take to evaporate a cup of water.

What is a Catchy science fair project titles about gum?

The Greatest Elastic Candy Rubber is Food Hubble Bubble

What does acknowledgements on a science fair project look like?

"thanks to my friends and family for support and especially so and so for helping my construct the project" make it short and sweet if you can or else make it long and extremely complicated

Do area science fair judges check projects for plagiarism?

Very likely. Science fair judges typically are well-read in the subject area and recognize information stolen from common sources. Using a quote giving credit to its source is a positive point to the judges because it means you did the research. Many judges have been involved with science fairs for many years and know when a project copies a previous project. Extending the work of another project is fine as long as you give the other project credit.