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Normal vaginal discharge after parturition should be odorless and may be green, dark red-brown or bloody and may persist in small amounts for up to 8 weeks.

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Q: How long does a female dog discharge after having puppies?
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How long do female wolves wait before having puppies?


How long is a female dog pregnant for before having puppies?

about 63 days or so

How long does a female dog bleed after having puppies?

there maybe some discharge with the afterbirth but she should not bleed at all...CALL YOUR VET!! if you will ot do that call the humane society for advise on getting medical care for the dog,,,as soon as possible.

How long after giving birth to puppies should a dog have vaginal discharge?

vaginal discharge is common and normal for all intact female dogs, especially when in heat. vaginal dischage is not un-normal for dogs upto a week after giving birth.

How long should female dog be in haven puppies?

Do you mean how old should a dog be before having puppies? If so, I generally recommend that they are at least 18 months. If you are asking how long should they be, there is no criteria, that I am aware of, for this. SYong, DVM

Do female pitbulls get along with other female pitbulls?

Yes as long as there are no new puppies.

How long does it take to a dog have puppies?

How long does it take for a female dog to have puppies

When a female dog has milk in her teats how soon will her puppies be born?

How long after a dog develops milk will they have there puppies?

How long does it take for an female pitbull to have puppies?

8 to10 weeks

If you have been having mucus AKA discharge for quite a while how long will it be before you have your first ever period?

Discharge starts as a female enters puberty, it will then continue for the rest of their life. Discharge and menarche aren't directly related, the most we can say is that a female normally reaches menarche within around four days of starting puberty.

How long for puppies after our female was exposed to a male?

The dog's gestation period is 64 days, so about two months after you remove the male you can expect puppies if the female got pregnant.

How long does it take to have puppies?

if im not mistaken it takes a female dog about 9 weeks to have puppies so about three months give or takeit takes about 8 to 9 weeks for a yorkie to have its puppies...i know this because i have a female yorkie who just had its own puppies!

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