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There is no definitive answer. You could get lucky and have it only take two or three days. But given that you'e using the US Post Office and the Royal Mail, it could take weeks. Assuming one week is fairly safe.

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Q: How long does a letter mailed from Rochester New York to the United Kingdom take to get there?
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How long does a letter mailed from Rochester New York to Charlottesville Virginia take to get there?

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.

How long does a letter mailed from Boston MA to Rochester New York take to get there?

First Class Mail is delivered in 3 to 5 days.

How many stamps do you put on a letter to Birmingham?

That depends on which Birmingham and where the letter is being mailed from. Birmingham could be in England, or the United States.

How much postage to Germany for a letter?

The size of the letter and where it is being mailed from are important factors. If it is being mailed from California, the price would be very different from if it was being mailed from Japan.

Does a letter need a stamp if mailed in the us?

Yes. Every letter mailed in the US needs a stamp.

How long will it take a letter to be mailed to Mississippi from Indiana if it was mailed on Tuesday?

3 days

What is the direct object in Leo mailed James a letter?

The direct object of the verb 'mailed' is a letter.The noun 'James' is the indirect object of the verb (mailed a letter to James)

How much does it cost to mail a letter to Sweden from the us?

The prices can vary depending on the size and weight of the letter being mailed. To mail a standard sized letter however, the cost to send a letter from the United States to Sweden is $1.15.

How should a letter of withdrawal mailed?


If a letter is mailed from 85282 where is that?

Tempe, Arizona

What is the action verb in this sentence I mailed a letter to your friend Roxanne?

Mailed ... it's the past tense of the action verb, mail as in to 'mail a letter.'

How can you tell where a letter was mailed from the post mark?

Postmark gives three things: date, time, and place mailed.

Does mail get picked up on holidays?

I mailed a letter on yesterday and I mailed one today when will it be picked up and delivered?

Where can you buy the game free running for psp?

Well, that game was from United Kingdom so you would have to take a long trip to get there OR you can go on and look for that game but it will take a few days for it to be mailed.

How long to receive letter from California if it was mailed on 8-24-2012?

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days within the United States.

What is postage for a 1 oz letter?

As of early 2014, a one-ounce letter mailed within the United States costs 49¢, or 48¢ if you use a postage meter. Outside the US, it costs $1.15.

How long does it take a mailed letter to get from NY to TX?

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In what year was the first airmail letter mailed?


Can big brown envelopes be mailed through regular mail?

Yes, big brown envelopes can be mailed through the United States Postal Service.

What is a word with six letters and has the letter a as the second letter and has the letter i as the third and has the letter e as the fifth letter?

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Can you use a US stamp on a letter from Canada to US?

No, you cannot. International mail is controlled under the International Postal Union, an organization that is part of the United Nations. You use the postage of the country in which the letter is mailed, in this case, Canada.

Can a letter be mailed to Tennessee from Virginia in 3 days?


How do you use Will you in a sentence?

I have a letter to be mailed, will you take it to the mailbox, please?

How long does it take a letter to be mailed?

3 to 5 days