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How long does a misdemeanor charge stay on your public record in Missouri?


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A misdemeanor charge will still on you criminal history record forever, regardless of whether a conviction exists or not. Criminal Histories are generally not of "public" record. Missouri Case Net shows court actions on individuals and is searchable by name, county, etc.


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No, the misdemeanor shows on your record. You pled to, and were convicted of, a misdemeanor and that's what the record will show.


i have a possesion of marijuana charge from 2004

Misdemeanor offenses occurring after your 18th birthday will become a part of your permanent criminal history record.

how long does 4 degree assualt charge stay on your record in the state of Washington

No, Missouri does not allow explugment to a criminal record

It depends on if it is just a charge or if it was a conviction. Both will stay on your record indefinitely, but a charge will only be visible to police.

Yes, but you can get the convicted sealed which means that nobody can seal that conviction except for if you apply for a job as law enforcement, FBI, CIA, DEA, things like that. But all other jobs will not be able to see your conviction.

If you were found guilty, it stays on your record forever.

If you are referring to your drivers license record, it will always remain as part of your permanent drivers record.

A misdemeanor offense - if you received it after you became an adult (over 18)- will always appear on your record. Criminal offenses do not expire or "go away."

The fact that you were arrested, the charge, AND the fact that it was dsimissed WILL appear (unless expunged).

The record of your arrest and the charge will always remain, but the fact that the charges were dropped will also appear.

A crime stays on your record for life. You could apply to the court to have it expunged.

It depends on the actual wording of your charge. If you were charged under a municipal ordnance it MAY not, however, usually such a charge amounts to a misdemeanor which will show up on your adult record

Public Intoxication is a misdemeanor offense, but it will remain a permanent part of your criminal history record if it occurred after your 18th birthday.

Forever if you were an adult at the time the crime was committed, unless you successfully request an expungement from the court for your record.

Sentences are case specific. Talk to your attorney.

Any charge, misdemeanor or felony, committed after you are 18 stays on your record forever, unless it later expunged, in which case it is no longer visible on your PUBLIC record, but law enforcement agencies can always access it. UNLESS a conviction is overturned and you are later found to be innocent.

Forever if you are an adult, unless you sucessfully request an expungement of your record.

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