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Red-eared sliders don't need to stay with their mothers past egg stage.

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How long can red ear slider turtles stay out water?

not very long. it is best to keep your red eared slider in the water.

Can red eared slider turtles breath underwater?

No they cannot breath underwater. However, they can use lactate fermentation to survive much longer underwater than you or I could. In fact, the red-eared slider can stay completely submerged in the water for as long as two whole weeks. ~Skularach

How long can red eared sliders stay under water?

Red eared sliders can stay under the water for as long as 6 hours! Amazing right?

How long can slider turtles stay in water?

Forever. How long can they stay alive underwater? It depends.

How long can red eared slider turtles live without water?

Red-Eared Slider can stay dry for days to weeks, but they cannot eat without water, I mean enough water to site in while eating as they cannot swallow without the ad of water. If you are transporting the red-Eared being dry is okay, keeping a turtle as a pet dry will be almost considered torture as they will slowly die of starvation and dehydration

Can red eared slider turtle stay in water all day and night?

They need to have access to a place to get out of water as they wish, regardless the amount of time.

How long does the baby mandrill stay with its mother?

how long do baby mandrills stay with their mother

How do brown long eared bats stay warm at night?

Bats, such as the brown eared bat, stay warm by sleeping with other bats and wrapping their wings around themselves

How do you tell if your red-eared slider turtle is a girl or a boy?

flat bottom shell female, indented bottom shell male, he has to be able to stay mounted

How long does a snowy owl stay with its mother?

how long does a young snowy owl stay with its mother

How long does the mother stay away from her baby bunnies?

how long can baby bunnies stay away from their mother?

How long do the babies stay with their mother?

Baby horses stay with there mother about nine months.

How long do coyote pups stay with their mother?

How long coyote pups stay with their mother depends on the gender of the pup. Males will leave the mother by the time they are nine months old. Females will stay with the mother coyote's pack.

How long do penguins stay mother?

Penguins stay with there mother from 1day old to 1 year old

How long do the young shark pups stay with their mother?

They don't stay with the mother. There is no mothering done by sharks.

How long do lions stay with their mother?

Lions will usually stay with the mother for at least 2 years.

How long does a liger stay with its mother?

Ligers are not in nature. They are bred in captivity. They stay with their mother for two to three years.

How long does the baby turtle stay with its mother?

Baby turtles dont stay with their mother. From the time that they hatch they are independent.

How long does a baby starfish stay with its mother?

Some baby starfish stay with their mother until they are able to survive on their own. Others are released as eggs into the water and do not stay with their mother.

How long does a Hummingbird stay with its mother?

they stay in the nest for 3 to 4 weeks

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