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How long does a thunderstorm last?

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A thunderstorm consists of 1 or more "cells"...each usually lasting 20-30 minutes. The entire lifetime of a thunderstorm can vary. Typical afternoon thunderstorms in the summer usually consist of just 1 cell, thus lasts 20-30 minutes. Severe thunderstorms can consist of numerous cells, and last several hours. Hope this helps. For more information about thunderstorms and other weather hazards, I've put together a public training course, which can be found at . There's also some interesting weather trivia at that site.

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How long can a thunderstorm last?

well i believe it can last up 2 month

Can a thunderstorm last all day?

Yes, a thunderstorm can last all day.

Does a thunderstorm strike a car does a thunderstorm strike on one place how long does a thunderstorm strike?

A thunderstorm does not strike anything, it is "lightening" that does that.

Where was the last thunderstorm at?

There is no way to say when the last thunderstorm was. At any given time there are hundreds of thunderstorms occurring throughout the world.

What is multicell thunderstorm?

A thunderstorm that consists of many interacting thunderstorm cells. Each cell might be in a different stage of it's life cycle, so it could last for hours.

The rise in program Music?

Programme music has been around a long time: even in the last movement of Beethoven's Symphony no. 6, portraying a thunderstorm.

After a thunderstorm forecast how long do you have to prepare?

Usually it will say that on the forcast.

How long it does take a thunderstorm to travel a mile?

5 seconds

How long does thunder and lightning last?

it can last 1 minute 5 minutes or really long thunder can be scary so can lightning but 1 out of 500 lightening will strike a i house and thunder will not hurt you

Are there any personifications in The Last Olympian?

Over the city, a thunderstorm boiled pg.128

What is the last stage of a thunderstorm?

The Dissipating stage, in which the downdraft overcomes the updraft and the clouds dissipate.

Predict how can a thunderstorm lead to a long term change in an ecosystems?

get money

What is the worlds largest thunderstorm?

The worlds largest thunderstorm was the Venezuelan thunderstorm.

Are long haired dogs at risk in a thunderstorm?

Only if they stand under trees

What is a long narrow line of a thunderstorm in a hurricane?

These lines are called rain bands.

What is a sentence for thunderstorm?

The thunderstorm pounded the town with heavy rains.I have always enjoyed a good thunderstorm.

What is the longest lasting thunderstorm rembered?

The longest lasting thunderstorm is a supercell. A supercell is a thunderstorm that can last hours, and they may stretch over several km, making them the longest lasting and the largest types of thunderstorms. These storms often occur in the United States and often spawn tornadoes.

How long was the longest thunderstorm?

It was 5 days long and it kept thundering and raining hard. It was pretty cloudy and dark.

Could you form a sentence with thunderstorm?

Yeah... The thunderstorm caused the power to go out. The thunderstorm startled the dog. The weatherman warned that a thunderstorm was on its way.

What stages form a thunderstorm?

The cumulus stage, in which the thunderstorm develops, the mature stage, in which the thunderstorm is most intense, and the dissipating stage, in which the thunderstorm declines and ends.

What does active thunderstorm mean?

An active thunderstorm means that there is currently a thunderstorm in an area indicated. There is probably thunder, lightning, wind, and rain occurring when a thunderstorm is active.

What is a heavy thunderstorm?

A heavy thunderstorm is a thunderstorm that has a severe threat (damaging wind, heavy rain, hail, possible tornado) but is not yet alerted to be a severe thunderstorm

How much water can a thunderstorm hold?

The amount of water depends on the size of the thunderstorm, and the concentration of water in the thunderstorm.

What makes a thunderstorm a thunderstorm?

A thunderstorm is a storm with the presence of lightning, and the sound lightning produces known as thunder

What is an ISO thunderstorm?

ISO (short by Isolated)Thunderstorm