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Life InsuranceWhy would you wait? Notify them! I would think wifey would know that Hubby deceased already.
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2015-07-16 19:25:32
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Q: How long does an employer or insurance company have to notify beneficiaries of a policy when one of their employees dies?
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What does the workers comp insurance company need from the employer?

The workers comp insurance company requires the employer to insure all the employees.

Does an employer need to notify employees of health insurance changes?

Yes, unless the Insurance Company is doing it.

Can a company stop employees insurance policy?

Depending on the state and size of employer, there are situations when employers can change or stop the insurance benefits they offer to employees.

What is an employee insurance participating plan?

An employee insurance participating plan is one where the employees of a certain company can put money into their insurance, regardless of how much is paid by the employer.

Can an employer legally require health insurance?

Probably, he's required by the insurance company to insure at least 75% of the employees or else the other employees can't get the plan. For more information see the link

Is against the law or employer to refuse health insurance?

It is not against the law for an employer to refuse health insurance to their employees. Many companies and major corporations do offer health insurance through health benefits administrators, which are part of the HR department of the company you work for. You might want to get more information about this for your company or from the health benefits administrator of your company.

Can a California employer have two different policies for contributing to employee health insurance premiums - one for employees who join the company plan and one for those who have other insurance?

Makes sense to me. Why not?

What did the letters GEICO stand for in the name of the insurance company?

Government Employees Insurance COmpany It originally only sold insurance to employees of the US Federal Government.

What is an insurance ASO?

ASO is an insurance acronym for "Administrative Services Only." It refers to an arrangement where an employer engages an insurance company to handle the administrative tasks (e.g. billing, claims handling, claims payment, qualification, etc.) for their employees. In these types of arrangements, the employer actually acts in a self-insured role which means that they are financially responsible for any claim payments to their employees. Many large corporations choose this type of insurance arrangement in order to obtain lower pricing from the insurance companies due to the fact that the insurance companies carry no risk obligation. The employees are still serviced by an insurance company, and often have no idea their employer is actually paying the claims behind the scene.

Are you required to take a new company's insurance policy?

AnswerProbably. You're new employer is required to have generally at least 75% of the eligible employees enrolled.

What MA Insurance company has the code 429?

429 is Government Employees Insurance Company

What is compentancy?

Worker's compensation is insurance coverage for employees to compensate them in case they are injured while performing their job. The employer pays a premium that covers medical expenses and lost wages in case their employees are injured. If these benefits are excepted the hurt employee must release the employer of further liability. The insurance company pays the claim and the employee can no longer sue the employer for the injury.

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