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I did it once and lasted like 3 days. If you have lighter hair it'll last longer or if you don't wash your hair so much but ultimately I would look at a week at the most

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โˆ™ 2017-11-20 18:09:27
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Q: How long does dip dye hair with kool aid last?
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How long does kool aid hair dye last in blonde hair?

it lasts for a month or so :)

How do you use kool aid to color your hair?

You soak your hair in Kool Aid for a while

Is Kool-Aid okay for your hair?

Yes, Kool-Aid is fine for your hair (assuming that you are using it to dye your hair).

How long does koolaid last in your hair?

it really all is about the color and how much kool aid mixture u put in and how long you let it set.

Can you straighten your hair after you dye it with Kool Aid?

yuck, why would wash you hair in kool-aid? What about wasps?

How do you get kool aid out of the ends of your hair?

Wash your hair. The Kool-Aid will dissolve and rinse away during any shampoo.

When you dip dye your hair with kool aid how long well it stay in for?

at the most a week

Will kool aid hair dye stay in your hair forever?

No, Kool Aid hair dye will not stay in your hair forever, although it may stay in for many weeks.

Do you have to have your hair dry when you dye it with kool-aid?

No. You will more than likely need to wet your hair for the kool-aid to saturate to coat the surface of your hair. Also instead of using Kool-aid there is a such thing as temporary dyes which works better than kool-aid which is non-damaging to your hair. The kool-aid will make your hair very dry and it is not recommended that you use it on your hair. To use kool-aid first you would want to shampoo, rinse and condition your hair and rinse again. After rinsing the conditioner out you can apply the kool-aid to your towel dried hair and let it set for about five to ten minutes and then rinse and style. However I recommend going to a beauty suppply and purchasing a rinse which will nourish your hair while coloring and the color is temporary,which means it last from shampoo to shampoo. (A few washes).

Does cool aid come out of your hair?

Kool Aid does indeed come out of a person's hair. Kool Aid is used to dye hair wild colors that may not be found in stores, but it is not a permanent hair dye.

Can kool-aid die your hair?

yes it can.

When you dye your hair with kool-aid does your hair have to be wet?


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