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How long does drink driving stay on criminal record?


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Depends on the charges. Points last 5 years.

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Reckless driving will stay on your criminal record indefinitely, or until it is expunged. The charge will remain on your driving record for five years.

Never. Once your busted, it remains as a criminal offence both on your driving record and criminal record.

Was the DUI charged as a criminal violation or simply a violation of the traffic statutes? If a criminal charge, it will appear as a permanent part of your criminal record unless you file a petition/motion to have the record 'expunged.' However, if you are referring to your driving record - as a part of your driving history, it will remain as permanent part of your driving record.

Permanently. DUI is a criminal offense, and will always remain on your criminal record. As far your driving record, seven years.

Misdemeanors and felonies remain on your record. Your criminal record is a permanent record, unlike your driving record in Alabama.

On your drivers record - forever. Criminal charge - same answer. You can petition the court to have your criminal record 'expunged' but your drivers history is exactly that - your driving history.


A DUI does not go away. It is a criminal offense and as such stays on the driving record forever.

How long does a DUI/DWI stay on your record? A DUI/DWI in North Carolina stays on your driving record for 7 years.

A DUI gives you two records; one criminal and one on your driver's license. Your criminal record is permanent, it will stay there forever unless you have a judge remove it from your record (expunge it). It varies from state-to-state how long the record will stay on your driving history.

How long does a DWI stay on your driving record in Connecticut?"

If you were charged criminally it will always remain on your record (I am uncertain as to whether a criminal DUI offense can be expunged or not - you would have to check on this) - if it was charged as a traffic offense it WILL always remain on your driving record. Your driving record is a COMPLETE history of your driving life and does NOT go away.

Forever. Criminal records are permanent.

It could depend on what kind of criminal record you have. How long a record and how severe the crime(s).

When a person receives a ticket for a civil or criminal traffic offense, the ticket will stay on your record whether it was paid or not. The state of Texas also uses a point system against a persons driving record.

If you were prosecuted criminally - and you were older than 18 - it will be a permanent record on your criminal history file. As for your DMV record is concerned regardless of what age you were when it cocured it will always appear on your driving record as part of your permanent driving history.

Any juvenile criminal record is sealed from the public when you turn 18.

Unless the offense occurred prior to your 18th birthday, your criminal record is a permanent part of your adult criminal history record.

A felony offense will remain as a permanent part of your permanent criminal history, unless expunged. In the cited offense, even if the criminal record is expunged the driving record will likely not be, inasmuch as it must stand as the basis for prosecuting any possible future re-occurrence of that particular offense, which bears an enhanced penalty.

Unlike credit records and driving records, criminal records are permanent. If you are committed of a crime, the conviction never "comes off" your record.

how long does reckless driving atay on mr record in s.c

Criminal charges ALWAYS remain on your criminal record. That's why they call it a 'record.' It is a compendium of your entire criminal history.

If you are referring to a dismissal of a criminal charge - the record of your arrest and the charge will always appear on your criminal history record AND ALSO the fact that the charge was dismissed.

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