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It all depends on how deap the relationship was and how old the girl is. If she is in her teens it could take a very long time unless she has her girl friends take her out and she meets someone new. Then she will be over it in a heart beat.

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Q: How long does it take a girl to get over a breakup of a relationship that lasted a month?
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Your feelings died after break up?

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I'm dating a girl and I think she's into me at what point do I become clingy and annoying?

So, you're dating a girl and you think that she's into you, but you're wondering at what point do you become clingy and annoying? You should never become clingy and annoying when in a relationship as these factors would influence a breakup.

What would be a word to describe the feeling you get when you have not moved on from a relationship?

Everyone feels different after each breakup and each breakup is different depending on the guy or girl. Most will feel empty, like something is missing, others just depressed especially in the case they haven't moved on. There are many words to describe the feeling, but empty is most likely the best word to describe such an inability to move onward into a new relationship while getting over the last.

What to do if you dont want to breakup wid girl?

There is nothing major that can be done. All you can do is talk to her about it. Tell her everything and do the breakup.

How do you get a boy you like to breakup with a girl you hate?

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