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Although friendship can often turn into love, it does change the friendship that you had before (for reasons unknown to most of us.) I suppose the relationship just takes a more serious turn and there are far more commitments involved. It appear that things were going well until you became boyfriend/girlfriend and both of you have to find out why that is. Since he was your best friend first it would be a good idea to try and contact him and sit down and rationally talk out your relationship together. Be prepared that you may hear things from him you aren't too happy about, but it's your choice to either stop this relationship altogether and move on, or tell him you want to be friends again and both of you date other people.

2006-08-26 08:27:30
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What is another word for showing your feelings?

Expressing is a word. It means showing your feelings.

Did Julie love ben?

I guess she does because they are together and in Ben 10:Alien Force and they are showing their feelings to each other.

Is surprised an emotion?

yes it is :) :) your showing your feelings

Why does dogs lick?

They are Showing That They Love You Or Are Expressing Their Feelings Out

What is a secret diary for?

It is mainly used for showing feelings. I guess!

What is expressive?

by showing your true colors. your favorite hobbies, music, and feelings. by showing who you really are and saying what you really mean

What is the word for showing no concern for another person's feelings?

selfish, indifferent, inconsiderate

What is friendly relationship?

you can have a friendly relationship by being friends or just being a mentor i think that having a friendly relationship is a meaning of love for a friend n what u share with that personn showing those feelings

What does it mean if my boyfriend isn't showing me love?

He may have fallen out of love with you, or maybe scared of his feelings. Try showing him love and see how he reacts

Why are guys mean to you when they like you?

Guys do that because they like to hide their "feminine side" or their feelings. They want to be manly so they do that by not showing their real feelings.

Why does your boyfriend show his friends your breast?

maybe your boyfriend is just showing off to his mates but, if you feel insecure tell him and he should stop showing his friends after all its not his breast !!!!!!!!!

What does it mean when you view friends on Facebook and it says 1 of 2 and only shows 1?

The second number means you have 2 friends, and the first means what it is showing. It means you have 2 friends, but is only showing one.

Why would a guy pull away from you if he really likes you?

he arfraid showing hes feelings

Why a boy holds the hand of girl at time of his first propose?

its a way of showing affection, or passing the feelings through to that person, showing them the love you truly have.

Does May love Ash?

There are hints showing feelings between the two but there is no confirmation so who knows.

If a boy likes you and is always nice to you why doesn't he talk to you?

because he is too afraid of showing his feelings

How can you enrich your life?

Theater can enrich your life by showing feelings,emotions,and expressions mon or in a play.

What is true about showing empathy for others?

Empathy involves the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

How do you use the word showing in a sentence?

I was so excited about my birthday gift so I began showing it to all my friends that day.

How do you talk to girl you like without showing what if your feelings?

be a friend. its that easy. tho i dont see why you're trying to hide your feelings... I do not understand why you would just not tell her how you feel unless she is taken of course. However, in order to not show your feelings for her, you have to avoid talking nervously or showing her that you are intimidated by her. Do not stalk her or follow her around too much. Talk just as you would talk to any other girl that you do not have feelings for.

What is the difference between friends and friend's?

Friend's is showing personal possession: e.g. it is my friend's book. Where as friends is more generalised: I have lots of friends.

Why do girls touch boys discreetly?

its another way of flirting and or showing some sort feelings towards them

Using stoic in a sentence?

A person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining is stoic

Can you turn someone gay?

no...but you can make them realize feelings that they didn't know they had But chances are if you are older than 20ish, they would already be aware of these feelings and showing them [if you live in a place that permits that]

What does it mean when a guy friend that may have feelings for you talks about the importance of family with you?

Ohh gurl, he wants to marry you, just kidding! But i think he is showing feelings for you, and if you ask me, i say go for it! =]