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A hamster can get pregnant as soon as she has her babies!

She can usually have about 4-5 litters in one mating season.

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Q: How long does it take before hamsters can have babies after having someone week ago?
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Do hamsters die after having babies?


Where can you find videos of hamsters having babies?

Google Videos.

How fat are teddy bear hamsters when they are having babies?

About their normal size but they are noticabley larger.

How often do hamsters have babies?

They can have litters every 6 months. But they will get tired after a few set of litters and stop having babies.

Do guinea pigs bleed before having babies?

i don't think that guinea pigs bleed before having babies.

How do you stop hamsters from having babies?

The only way to stop your hamsters from having babies to make sure that you keep the two genders separate. Hamsters can mate at only a few weeks old (and yes, brothers and sisters will mate), so you should separate the males from the females as soon as they are old enough to be away from their mother.

Does the male hamster have to be around when female hamster having a babies?

Do not put the male around the female! Some male hamsters eat the babies, I'm not kidding.

Can a rabbit have babies without a mate?

No a rabbit must mate before having babies!

How old are hamsters when they stop having babies?

1 year old! or they will fight! alot! if you d want to try though do it with expienced hamsters and make sure the female is younger

How do you know how far along your hamster is if its having babies?

If it is having babies then it is all the way along. Otherwise it can be very difficult to tell, as even unimpregnated hamsters can gain lots of weight in a short amount of time.

How do aliens in a egg have babies?

They need to hatch out of their eggs and grow to maturity, before mating and having babies.

Can you take the baby hamsters away before four weeks to prevent litters cause you are having some population problems?

Yes I'm pretty sure, if not they may have babies! Always be sure to take all the girl babies, and put them in a different cage then the male. Good lucckk! :]

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