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Q: How long does it take for a fire cat to reach adulthood in wizard101?
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How long does it take a crayfish to reach adulthood?

They Reach Adulthood When Their 3-6 Months Old.

How long does it take for a lanternfish to reach adulthood?

it takes a lantern fish 15 hrs after bith to reach adult hood

How long does it take before a fox becomes a adult fox?

Foxes reach adulthood at around seven months.

How long does it take for Staffordshire bull terriers to grow?

They reach adolescence at about 8 months of age and adulthood at 3 years.

How big do goldfish need to be to breed?

Its not as important how big they are but they do need to reach adulthood and by then they will be at least 7-10cm long (not including the tail)

How long does it take for zebra danio fry to reach adulthood?

A zebra danio should be fully grown by the time it is six months old.

How long are cats childhood?

3 months at the least. Cats usually reach sexual maturity around 5-6 months, which is the start of their "teenage" years. Cats reach adulthood at a year old.

Could you play wizard101 in china?

You can play Wizard101 anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection.

How long does it take the white tiger to reach adulthood?

2 years Tigers are mature at four years normally. Tigresses around three to three and a half.

I am 14.1, My pen!s size is 15 cm long, and 20.5 cm thick. how long it will grow until I reach adulthood?

It may grow upto 20 yrs to 16 cm

How long does it take a chick to reach adulthood?

It took as long as it takes for Batman and Robin to get married. Then they had a baby named Ca-Lohe and she wore VERYYY silky lingerie. SO THERE POOP ON THAT! :-P

How long r you banned on wizard101?