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Theres An Answer, Im Gonna Say a Few hours, Maybe, Because the Saliva Makes Things Heal Much Faster....And Your tongue is in your Mouth, soo if i were you, Dont take the Bar Out!


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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 00:34:45
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Q: How long does it take for a healed 2 month old tongue piercing to close when the bar is taken out?
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How long can you leave a 3 month old tongue piercing out with out it closing?

There isn't a set time...everybody is different, no matter how many months or years you have had a piercing. Some people's will close in a matter of minutes, other people's will never close.

Is it normal for some one to swallow weird after a tongue piercing?

Naah, Your probably gonna die.. awk << WRONG!! << You swallow weird after a tongue piercing because it is swollen... I know because I have one of my own... it should take up to a month to heal if you don't move your tongue... Mine took a week for the swelling to go down but if it is swollen after a month then you weren't moving your tongue... If it helps you put crushed ice one your tongue and you will be okay...

If you had your eyebrow piercing for only a month how long will it take to close?

It would take a matter of a few hours for the piercing to shrink then maybe a day for it to start to knit closed.

Is it good to swim in a chlorine pool with a almost 3 month old belly button piercing?

At three months the piercing should be healed, at least mostly. That means that swimming in chlorine will not affect it. Still steer clear of lakes and streams.

Will your two month old rook piercing close if it has to be out 6 or 7 hours for a surgery?

It may but you can always get the piercing tapered open again so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

I got my belly button pierced and i took it for about a month and it hurts when i try to put it in do i have to pierce it again or disinfect it wait for it to close i dont know how can i get it back?

You need to see a professional body piercer, they will take the jewellery resterilize it and put it into the piercing using an insertion taper. You will more than likely get the lecture about removing the jewellery before the piercing is completely healed, but I think you knew that would happen.

Can you remove your tongue piercing before six weeks?

Usually a tongue piercing only needs about a month for the fistula to be formed enough to change jewelry. although, if it still feels sore or seems raw, I would wait longer. Also, if you want to remove it to hide it, I would definitely wait longer than six weeks.

Lip rings have to stay in?

They have to stay in for a month before you can switch rings. Once you take it out, your piercing will start closing, you'd be surprised how fast they close

Why does your lip piercing hurt after a month of having it pierced?

As the piercing gets older and more healed you will get "stitches" from it on occasion. This is the tissue settling in and healing, short lived occasions of mild pain or twinges lasting a few moment to being uncomfortable for a few hours. It's not uncommon and happens with all piercings. This is part of the piercing toughening up and nothing to worry about.

How long can you leave out your navel ring if you just got it a month ago?

Not long at all, piercings don't heal in a month especially the navel piercing, it takes from 3 to 6 months for a good light heal, but is far from healed and seasoned to handle having the jewellery out for long.

How long does it take for a lip piercing to heal?

No piercing is considered fully healed until it's a year old. Contrary to what you may read, it takes the body a full year to season a piercing to the point where it can be removed for extended periods of time without the risk of the piercing closing. Light heals can occur at the 3 month period but keep in mind the piercing can still close making reinserting the jewelry difficult and hard on the new piercing. Anything less than 3 months is just ridiculous and shear nonsense. Should you have issues reinserting your jewelry, go see your local professional body piercer for assistance. Don't force jewelry into a semi closed piercing, only an insertion taper will allow you to reinsert the jewelry without damaging the piercing.

How long do you ned to keep an earing in after piercing your ear?

Well from experience about a week you can change it but I think your better off waiting a month by then it is healed enough that you won't give yourself an infection. Keep it cleaned well and it will heal a lot faster.

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