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That varies from person to person and theres many guys that does not pre-cum ( I believe) at all. And also how much and the amount varies.
Varies with the person, about as soon as he gets an erection or even as he is getting one. It is there to lubricate during sex so it has to start before the sex does. Not everyone produces it and in different amounts. It will vary with one person depending on how stimulated they are each particular time.

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If you have preejaculate do you have semen?

If you have preejaculate, yes you can still have semen, but that may not always the case

How long does it take to get rid of HPV in males?

HPV in males last as long as it does in females. It may be as long as 2 years or more.

Can you be pregnant if there is some preejaculate on your pubic hair?


How long does it take to get an erection?

For some males, it can take seconds. For others, it may take a minute or two.

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How long does it take to produce sperm in the testicles?

how long does it take for a males sperm to built back up in his testical sack? 2months

Are there two kinds of semen?

Yes. Preejaculate and ejaculate differ a little bit.

Can you get HIV even if he never ejaculated in you?

Yes. There is also preejaculate and other fluids.

How can you control preejeculaion?

Preejaculate is normal and should not be curbed. It is like watering of mouth.

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Can HIV be trasmitted by genital lubrication?

Yes, HIV can be transmitted by vaginal lubrication/vaginal fluids as well as preejaculate.

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