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as long as they got there bits together in the tree as long as they got there bits together in the tree as long as they got there bits together in the tree

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How can people help the orangutan?

we can stop polluting the areas

How can you save the orangutan?

try and not use things with palm oil in them... if you can help it!

What is being done to help the orangutan?

Buying orangutans to return to the wild.

How do you stop acting desperate?

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What does it mean when a guy says he is desperate and because of that doing desperate things?

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What are 3 things humans can do to help the survival of dolphins?

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What can be done to protect the orangutan?

The orangutan is threatened because its habitat is being destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations. To protect organutans, we must boycott palm oil. Additionally, we can help to protect them by donating to organizations that work to protect their habitat.

Can you move out if your underage and pregnant?

You need a guardian of some type. your parents could possibly report you as a runaway & you will need some help with the baby. Try to work things out.

How are people helping to save orangutans?

Important measures such as restoring forests help protect the orangutan population. However, many people can't help directly, so monetary donations can help immensely.

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Who can help on World War 2 report?


How can you help the Orangutan?

There are many ways to help an orangutan. Three ways to effectively help them is to: 1. Go onto the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and adopt one. A certificate and plush orangutan will be sent straight to you. 2. Sign a petition aimed at the Bornean or Sumatran governments to be more mindful of the logging that is destroying their habitat's. 3. Refuse to buy or use any products that was used from the wood from the orangutan's natural habitat or any part of an orangutan. Good Luck! Don't buy products containing Palm Oil because, a) they will clog your arteries, b) they are the reason the rainforest's of Borneo and Sumatra are being decimated and c) they are they products of the major corporations that are destroying the world and its endangered species for corporate gain and greed.

Do vitamins help with making a baby?

Vitamins help more with making a healthy baby. Iron, folic acid, and vitamin D are some of the vitamins that help with having a healthy baby.

What is the email address for ikeja general hospital?

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What do you do if someone signed your name on your vehicle title and sold it?

You should file a police report immediately and ask for help in pressing criminal charges.You should file a police report immediately and ask for help in pressing criminal charges.You should file a police report immediately and ask for help in pressing criminal charges.You should file a police report immediately and ask for help in pressing criminal charges.

How do zoos impact on orangutans?

Zoo's, mostly accredited ones, help to aide the efforts of organizations in the conservation of the orangutan. For a long time they have been on the endangered list , but with the help of conservatories and zoo's there numbers have increased.

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