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How long does it take for a relationship with a borderline personality sufferer to crumble?

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It really depends on how much emotional turmoil you can take. Research the disease. Watch and care for your BPDLO but tke care of yourself first. BPDLOs are emotioanally draining. One second your are their world and the next second their worst enemy. You can give them everything it still won't be enough. They may even turn violent/abusive to you. Only you can decide when it is time to leave the relationship.


What makes you so sure it will crumble? Obviously you're aware of your partners problems, and it certainly wont be easy to be in your position, but if you expect the relationship to 'crumble' then it will.

After a few months you should be noticing your partners mood swings and borderline personality traits


My feeling is that if you are aware of why your BPD partner is doing the strange behaviours and you are accepting of it then there is on reason for it to crumble. I think most BPD sufferers long for someone who is aware enough to love while accepting and understanding their behaviour . However, that said.. BPD is difficult, emotional and needy. All depends on how much you can handle it all...


I have BPD and I would say I'm impossible to be very close too. It's emotionally a big deal for another to handle. If you really want to stay with someone like that you have to realise how BPD works. It is possible, someone who can handle the extremes of mood and maintain stability themselves can survive it. But who would want to?? I wouldn't lol..


i am on two years with a man who has BPD he was living in the home we shared with two children and i am now caring his child, since this he has become hard to handle hit bitting yelling telling the kids to go away, i had him removed from the house, but because i do love him i still talk to him and we hang out, for your safety and your children if you have any, you really have to watch what is going on, you can be loving caring and all that just remenber this an illness so things will pop up forever.

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