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Fast-swimming sperm can reach the egg in a half an hour, while others may take days. The sperm can live up to 48-72 hours.


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it takes up to 1 week for sperm to fertilize an egg depending on how fast the sperm swims

when a sperm cell unites with an egg cell it fertilizes the egg cell

When a sperm cell joins an egg cell the resulting sperm-egg hybrid is called a zygote.

Sperm cell has long tail so that it can swim to the egg cell.

the egg is larger than the sperm cell

The joining of an egg cell and a sperm cell is called fertilization

Fertilization... Is when the Sperm cell unites with the Egg cell...

The process when an egg cell and a sperm cell COMBINE is called Fertilization

Fertilization is the union of the sperm cell and egg cell.

It fuses with the membrane of the egg cell, and the content of the sperm cell enters the egg cell.

A zygote (the combination of a cell and sperm) is the name of the cell that forms when the sperm and egg combine.

The uniting is known as fertilisation of the egg by the sperm.

It takes about day or two to get the sperm to the egg. You will know when your pregnant.

Once a sperm enters the egg, fertilisation of the egg begins.

One because the sperm is one cell and the egg is one cell

Fertilization............... is the union of sperm cells and egg cells

Sperm and egg cells are collectively known as gametes.

It only takes sperm a few minutes to get inside of an egg.

It can take 12 - 72 hours for human sperm to reach the egg.

Twenty-three chromosomes are in a cell that is formed from a sperm and egg cell.

The function of the sperm cell is to fertilize an egg cell.

A sperm cell has a long tail to help it swim to the egg. A mid-piece which contains mitrochondria to release energy needed to make the tail move. The sperm tip contains enzymes to break through the egg cell membrane to fertilise the egg.

It takes a few minutes for a sperm cell to penetrate the wall of the egg (and when it does so a reaction in the wall prevents other sperm from entering).

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