How long does it take for a tooth nerve to die?

While in a tooth or after pulled? Inside your tooth in your mouth, the nerve may not die. You may have to get a root canal done to remove the nerve and keep the tooth. If a person does not pull an infected tooth, the infection may strangle the nerve and leave a non-sensitive tooth. You will then have a grey tooth with no life in it. If this happens and your lucky enough without medication so as the infection goes away; you would have experienced a natural root death and will need to keep an eye on the tooth and get x rays done often. Your tooth will still rot and you will not know it because you feel little pain in the tooth. If your talking about the nerve in the pulled tooth's orifice, bottom jaws could be damaged for months or even permanently. You may also feel as though your lip was numb if you have damage. Top back orifices may perforate the nasal cavity and may hurt constantly. Please be more specific for specific answers.