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I would say about a million years. When I was younger, my family did an experiment, trying to see how long it took an egg shell to break down. It still hasn't to this very day. I was about nine, and am now 59, so I wouldn't give it another thought. Hope this information helps.


The answer depends on where the eggshell is placed. The existence of fossil dinosaur eggs shows they can last a long time. However, if the eggshell is added to a typical compost pile it will decompose as soil bacteria feed on it. (see

However, if the eggshell is left on a shelf in your house then it could be there well past 50 years.

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Q: How long does it take for an egg shell to decompose?
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yes egg shells can disintegrate in vinegar.

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you boil the egg in water and them peal the hard shell after about 10 minutes of boiling

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Actualy the answer is no beacuase if you slowly take apart a shell it'll have plastic see through white stuff and that's the stuff that holds the egg

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