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items will remain on your credit report 7 years from the date of last activity. What that means is if the account was already 6 years on your report but it was sold to another company it could remain on your report for another 7 years based on activity

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Monique's previous credit card balance is 199.26 and she has a monthly finance charge of 1.5 How much will the credit card company assess in finance charges on this balance

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Q: How long does it take for an unpaid bill take to be taken off your credit report after it has been paid?
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What does it mean when an unpaid account is closed on your credit report?

that it has been closed by either you or the company- either way it shows as a negative in your report

Does a unpaid bank balance go onto a credit report. I have been told by a so called collection agency that an amount under 1500.00 is not substantial enough to be put on my credit report?

That is up to the discretion of the organization to which you owe the money.

Letter to Request a Credit Report?

Get StartedIf you have been denied credit or if other adverse actions regarding your credit have been taken based on your credit report, you may want to obtain a copy of your credit report and verify the information contained in it.The purpose of the Request for a Credit Report letter is to assist you in obtaining a copy of your credit report, particularly if you have been denied credit, employment or insurance within the last 60 days. The credit report tells how you have managed credit in the past and companies examine your credit report before deciding whether to give you new credit. You can request a copy of your credit report by sending a letter to a credit reporting bureau.When you receive your credit report you should carefully review it. You have the right to respond to a negative entry on your report, to have errors corrected, or to have your response made part of your credit report.

What can one get from credit report services?

A credit report helps the Fair Credit Reporting Act to include information on where an individual lives, where he lives or if he has been sued. A credit report service can give the person a free credit report to fill in the information and send it.

When are the consumers entitled to a free credit report from a credit bureau?

When you have been denied credit or annually.

Does an unpaid judgment come off your credit report in seven years?

No, judgments typically remain on your credit report for 7 years. I work in the industry and can see judgments on peoples credit that have been there since the late 70's. It is all public record and will never complete go away until a satisfied judgment is certified and recorded with your local court house.

How long does a paid credit card account that has been closed stay on your credit report?

Forever, since it looks good on your report.

What is reflected on your credit report for an unpaid debt after the seven year period...if it's resubmitted AND if it's not pursured by the creditor?

If it has been more than 7 years, it shouldn't be on your credit rating at all and should not be resubmitted. You should dispute any resubmitted information with the credit bureaus in writing under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

How long does a judgment stay on your credit report after it has been paid?

Judgments will remain on a credit report for the required 7 years regardless of the status.

Can derogatory items reappear on your credit report after it has been removed?

If a derogatory item has been removed from your credit report, it should not show up again if the situation was resolved. Contact the credit bureau and ask that it be removed.

How long do unpaid debts stay on your credit report?

Charge offs and defaulted accounts will generally stay on a CR for seven years from the DLA. It is possible for the creditor to sue for monies owed, and if a judgment is awarded, it will be entered in the public records portion of a CR and will remain for seven years, often longer. A debt could conceivably state on your credit report until it is paid off. Negative entries on your credit must generally be removed after 7 years. Bankruptcies state on your credit for 10 years.

If you had vehicle repossessed seven years ago and it has been turned over to a collection agency will the collection stay on your credit report until it is paid in full?

* The question is a little vague, however here's what I can say: IF, and it should have been, the repossession was first put on his credit report 7years ago then no. Any negative credit - excluding bankrupcy - by law must be taken off your credit report after 7years of its last active date (this is either when it was put on, or when you last paid it).

How do you get bad credit off your credit report?

You pull your credit report at credit report .com and as long as it has been seven years you can go online to dispute it. It should say dispute just push the button or call to dispute it they should have a number for each credit report which concist of three separate ones.

How can you tell if someone has done a credit check on yourself?

When you examine your credit report, you will see the inquiries that have been made and by whom. There are limitations to who can pull your credit report without your permission.

Its been 19 years and something is still on credit report?

If it has been 19 years and something is still showing on a credit report, you can request to have it removed. Contact the three credit reporting bureaus and ask all of them to remove it for you.

What does settled mean on your credit report?

A credit report will show that an account is either active or settled. If the account is settled, it means that it has been paid and is closed.

What is the consequence of having the credit delinquency on your credit report?

It will be harder to get any loans, credit cards or a mortgage as your credit history has not been good.

Will an inquiry on a persons credit report lower their credit score rating?

Yes, each inquiry lowers your credit score. You can pull your own credit report for free at from all 3 credit agencies and it does not affect your credit score. Also if you have ever been denied credit for any reason, you can request a credit report for free.

What does it mean on your credit report that says updated?

The/Your account is legitimate. Whatever has been reported to the credit bureau's it has been verified as valid.

What do I have to do to get a free annual credit report?

If you have been turned down for credit recently you are entitled by law to get a free credit report from the credit reporting agency that supplied the information. Call or write the agency to make your request.

Is it OK to check your credit report after you've been denied a credit card because of your credit history?

Yes. In fact, if you are denied credit based on something in your credit report, you have a right to a free copy of the credit report that shows the unfavorable information. There should be a procedure in the denial telling you how to get the copy of the report. Additionally, credit reporting agencies are required to provide one free credit report annually. Since there are three different credit reporting agencies, I recommend that you request one every 4 months, and cycle through them. Check out Don't be taken in by the credit monitoring services that cost ten or twenty dollars PER MONTH like "", which is anything BUT free.

Can you get a bill collector to take a paid off hospital bill off a credit report?

Once it's been reported, it's very rare that it will be removed. If it was a valid debt that went unpaid, it should be on your report. But it should show as paid. If it doesn't, then you need to dispute it with the collection agency.

How can you purchase a car if you have a car that was hidden from repossession for eight years for what it is worth in PA?

If this car has never been repossessed after eight years, it has still been charged off as a bad debt and will remain on your credit report. Lenders can follow you for the deficency balance as long as they wish to refile it. If it had been repo'd, usually after seven years it is dropped from your credit report if there was no unpaid balance. You will have a hard time getting another vehicle financed in your name. Get a copy of your credit report from the three majors, and see how it looks. You would have been wiser to surrender the vehicle and take your knocks early rather than hiding it.

Where can one get a free credit report online?

CreditRepair are experts in the credit repair field and helps individuals meet their credit goals. CreditRepair process has been been developed, refined and proven over many years and thousands of customers. FREE CREDIT REPORT SUMMARY

Where can one get free transunion credit reports?

CreditRepair are experts in the credit repair field and helps individuals meet their credit goals. CreditRepair process has been been developed, refined and proven over many years and thousands of customers. FREE CREDIT REPORT SUMMARY