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It takes about 80 hours for cargo to reach Toronto from Halifax by train.


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can we get a train from New York to Halifax ? thank you for the answer

The amount of cargo that a train can carry depends on the size of the train and the number of cars it carries. If a train is large and has many cars it can carry a lot of cargo.

From Toronto to Montreal by train takes approximately 5 hours. Caroline from Toronto

Toronto is very well served by both train and bus routes.

Not directly. However, you can take a train from Ottawa to Toronto, and then transfer in Toronto onto a different train that will take you to North Bay.

They are both the same distance from Halifax. They are at a meeting point. Try drawing it out if that will help ;)

The most popular methods of transportation for getting from Halifax to Boston are flying, taking the Greyhound, driving, and/or taking a train.

A train carries freight. A ship carries cargo.

i need to travel from toronto to pittsburgh pa

it was a train and carried people and cargo

Go to Union Station and inquire about The Canadian route. That is the only passenger train service that runs through Edmonton from Toronto.

Yes. Take the train from Toronto to Buffalo, New York. Take the train from Buffalo, New York to Chicago, Illinois. Take the train from Chicago, Illinois to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Or go to Amtrak .com Via Rail .com and see if there is another way to get from Toronto to Minneapolis.

Yes, you can take a train from Atlanta to Toronto. The train journey would take between 2 days and 2 hours and 2 days and 3 hours.

You don't sleep on a freight train they only carry cargo.

No there isn't. No passenger train goes through Oliver.

Years, maybe decades, possibly centuries. There is no passenger train service between Toronto and Thunder Bay.

Yes. VIA Rail has regular service between Toronto and Kingston. The train ride is quite comfortable but the train station in Kingston is a little far from the tourist attractions in the city.

A freight train carries cargos and sometimes food, depending on what the cargo is. a freight train does not transport passengers.

Clutch Cargo - 1959 Jungle Train 1-25 was released on: USA: 1959

No. Train connections among both countries are limited to cargo hauling.

You can take the GO from Toronto to Oshawa, but hell if I know how to make up the rest of the trip... Until they build a rail tunnel under the Atlantic it will be very difficult to get a train from Toronto to Peterborough.

There are no passenger train connections between Mexico and the United States; there are however, important freight train connections. Depending on the port-of-entry and route within Mexico, cargo can take between 4 and 48 hours to reach its final destination.

You can take VIA Rail from Toronto as far as Nova Scotia (with a transfer in Montreal), but you would have to fly or take the bus and ferry the rest of the way to Newfoundland. There are several trains a day from Toronto to Montreal, and the Ocean train leaves Montreal every evening except Tuesday and arrives in Nova Scotia the following afternoon. When you get to Truro, you can take Acadian Bus Lines to North Sydney, where you can catch the ferry to Newfoundland - or you can take the train all the way to Halifax and fly from there to Newfoundland.

Max Train was born on September 18, 1983, in Toronto, Canada.

The GO Transit system transports people around Toronto in a train.

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