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No one online is going to be able to tell you how long something on YOUR body will heal! Healing speed depends on your age and your overall general health. Regarding when its safe to chew on that side of your mouth again, I would say when the wound has fully healed. You don't want food to get into the wound and infect it. ~ T

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Q: How long does it take for the area where the tooth was extracted to fully heal and when is it safe to chew on that side of your mouth again?
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How do you put the word extracted in a sentence?

eg "A tooth was extracted from his mouth"

Yellow tongue and chemical-soap taste in mouth after tooth extracted month ago due to failed root canals. Also sore gums above tooth in front of extracted tooth site and pimple above gum of extracted.?

sodium fluoride in your tooth paste.

Does the hole from the tooth extraction stink?

If a tooth is extracted because of severe decay, then yes, the decay will stink. But you can rinse your mouth.

Can having a tooth extracted improve the straightness of other teeth in the mouth?

Having a tooth extracted alone won't straighten other teeth in the mouth. Orthodontists may request certain teeth be extracted for the purpose of making room to straighten teeth using braces, or other orthodontic appliances.

What are some of the possible complications of tooth extraction?

There are several possible complications that can arise from a tooth extraction. If the tooth was not extracted properly there may be small bit of the tooth left behind in the gum. A tooth extraction could also lead to an infection in the mouth, as when a tooth is extracted, there will be open skin for germs to enter,

Can you eat a sandwich after a tooth extraction?

It would depend on where the tooth was extracted from in your mouth. It is possible to eat a sandwich if you can chew on the opposite side of the extraction.

Is it normal to have sore gums after having a tooth extracted?

yes your mouth need time to heel itself

Why is your mouth still sore 5 days after having a tooth extracted?

Dry socket.....stop smoking

What happens when you smoke after getting a tooth extracted?

Smoking causes vasoconstriction which can lead to poor healing to the affected area. Secondly the sucking action that happens in the mouth can dislodge the clot in the extracted tooth area, which can lead to dry socket

Is it true that you can grow if a tooth is extracted?

No, you won't gain height because a tooth is extracted. If you mean, will your tooth grow back, than it depends if your tooth was an adult tooth or a baby tooth.

What is the treatment for an impacted tooth?

if the tooth is impacted, the tooth must be extracted.

What if some of the tooth was left in the gums after an extracted tooth?

# #

Why is my mouth still numb after novocain wore off?

Why is my lip and cheek still numb where my tooth was extracted, 3 weeks after novocain wore off?

Tooth extraction is it safe to use epsom salts after the tooth was extracted?


What dental implants can do?

Dental implants serve as anchors for artificial teeth. If you have a tooth extracted and need to have the space filled with a tooth, a dental implant will do the job. After the dental implant is placed in bone and fully integrated, a crown can be fabricated which will give the appearance and function of a natural tooth.

What to do for pain after wisdom tooth extraction?

Keep an ice pack on your face on the side where your tooth was extracted

How long will it take the tooth to come in after an extraction?

well unless your having a baby tooth extracted there should be no other tooth that comes in.

Who is the founder of Coast Dental?

The founder of Coast Dental is Tim Watterly III. He is very famous for his new technique where he grows a new tooth and puts it in one's mouth after it is extracted.

Where is tooth?

in your mouth

How long does a tooth extraction hole stay open?

Two weeks to a month depending on the tooth extracted.

Should your stitches completely cover the hole from your extracted tooth?

Yes, the stitches would cover the hole where your tooth was extracted. This is to help the gums heal without food getting caught in the hole.

What can happen if a baby tooth is extracted to soon?

If a baby tooth is extracted to soon, as was the case for me, the adult teeth will grow through in the wrong order. This will mean the teeth are out of alignment and you will probably need braces

Is the fang the sharpest tooth in a snakes mouth?

Yes the fang is the most sharpest tooth in a snakes mouth

How do you pull a tooth with minimal pain?

to get a tooth extracted with minimal pain you need to go to your dentist and get it removed surgically

How long is it before you can kiss after wisdom tooth extraction?

It takes about two or three weeks before your mouth is fully healed, and by then you should be able to kiss.

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Can you eat a sandwich after a tooth extraction?

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