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How long does it take to apply for housing once your married to a person in the army?


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It should take over 19 months

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No. On-post housing is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis as it becomes available. Otherwise, you receive an allowance for off post housing. He does have to apply for it, however.

Yes, at least in regards to your permanent duty station. If barracks aren't available (for single soldiers) or on-post housing (for married soldiers), you'll receive a housing and COLA allowance for off-post housing.

If you're single, in the barracks. If you're married, you could either get on-post housing or else an allowance for off-post housing. As for where you could be stationed... pretty much anywhere.

If you're married and living in housing, yes. If you're a single soldier and living in the barracks, you won't be able to.

Typically, on post housing is available only after the married soldier reaches his permanent duty station, and not while the soldier is under training status. Also, housing is usually a matter of applying and waiting for an available unit (house).

speak to an army recruiter

If you're single, you'll usually live in a barracks on-post. If you're married, you'll either be assigned on-post housing, or else receive an allowance to help pay for off-post housing.

George was probably not married as he was in the Roman army and members of the army were generally not allowed to be married.

AR 385-10, The Army Safety Program and USC 10 establishes how safety regulations apply to the army.

It leaves her married to a soldier. She can relocate and come with her, or she can remain where she is - that's something you'd need to work out with your spouse. When you get to your duty station, you'll have to file for housing (which won't be an overnight process) if she is to relocate with you.

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His/her relative, husband or wife need to write and apply to get that

First and foremost, the person needs to have served or be currently serving in the US Army before they will be considered. Second, you have to apply for this duty and have a good record.

It depends upon years of service and, if a person is married, the age and number of children.

No because it would distract them from the army they were able to married at 40 when they retire

No / False. The requirements of the army safety program do not only apply in a garrison environment.

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AR 385-10, The Army Safety Program and USC 10 establishes how federal and Department of Defense regulations apply to the Army.

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False. The requirements of the US Army safety program do not only apply in a garrison environment.

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