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How long does it take to be a chiropractor?

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In North America:

Before a student can attend a chiropractic college he/she must complete at least 3 years of an undergraduate university degree, but most students at chiropractic colleges have completed their entire 4 year degree (eg: bachelor of science). Students with other undergraduate degrees (eg: BA) are also eligible for chiropractic college, but will find it more challenging without significant background in any of the sciences.

Following an undergraduate degree, chiropractic college last 3 or 4 years, depending on which school you choose to attend. The World Health Organization has stated that to become a doctor of chiropractic a student must attend no less than 4200 hours of schooling in a chiropractic college after their undergraduate degree. Some schools squish this all into 3 years with no summer holidays, most spread it over 4 years with 2-month summer breaks. Thus, to become a chiropractor, a student must attend a minimum of 6-8 years of post-secondary education, but most have a full 8 years, (after high-school).

The program at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College is 4 full-time years and courses include microbiology, biochemistry, histology, anatomy, neuroanatomy, physiology, immunology, neuroscience, pathology, pharmacology, biomechanics, functional rehab., clinical diagnosis, orthopedics, nutrition, radiography, radiology and chiropractic principles and techniques in the first two years. The third year involves a little more basic science but primarily the theoretical application of this knowledge. The fourth year is in a clinical setting as an intern with real-life application of this knowledge.Thus, chiropractors graduating in Canada have at least 7 years of university after high school, but most have 8.

In Australia:

The 3 year Bachelor of Chiropractic Science offers a solid foundation in science based disciplines including, chemistry, physics, biology, physiology, anatomy etc. Central to these are the core teachings in Chiropractic Principles and Techniques. Students intending on practicing as Chiropractors MUST complete the Master Of Chiropractic to gain proficiency, professional recognition and registration in Australia. The master program takes 2 years full time to complete and entrance is granted only to those with a GPA 3.2 or greater in the Bachelor degree. Units in the masters include neurology, spinal orthopaedics, peripheral orthopaedics, radiology, physical rehab, pharmacology, EPT, nutrition, advanced clinical diagnosis, chiropractic principles and techniques etc.

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