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Drinking heavily is a strong sign of Alcoholism. Some indicators of alcoholism are: * the frequent feeling of "needing" a drink * dependence on alcohol affects connections with others negatively, such as those with friends and family * the dependence causes a decrease in work productivity * denial of a problem can usually signify its presence However, there is no exact measure in terms of quantity of alcohol consumed. Some people have higher tolerances, while others become drunk after much smaller amounts.

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Q: How long does it take to become an alcoholic when drinking heavily?
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Does drinking 2-3 beers a night make you an alcoholic?

Not necessarily You are an alcoholic if you cant give it up without worrying about it. Are you drinking three or four throw downs or are you drinking 3or 4 long necks. If you can calmly stop drinking them for two weeks with the beer in the fridge you are not an alcoholic.

Can a long term alcoholic die of alcohol toxicity?

Yes, if the person overdoses. Long term alcoholics need to either stop drinking or moderate their drinking.

How many people that come to AA are NOT alcoholic?

Many people come to AA who are not alcoholic but only having a drinking problem. However, AA insists that they call themselves alcoholic., think of themselves as alcoholic, and never have another drink of alcohol as long as they live.

What to do if a alcoholic doesnt want to quit?

There is virtually nothing you can do to make an alcoholic quit if they do not want to. They will lie cheat and steal to continue drinking as long as they want to continue. The only thing you can do is change your relationship with the alcoholic if it is causing problems for you.

What is the rate for alcoholic drinking in the UK?

A detailed, long-term study was conducted in Britain to analyze drinking in Britain. Follow the related link below for more information.

How long does it take to become an alcoholic?

This is the subject of considerable debate, given the fact that there is disagreement about how to define alcoholism. AA often asserts that some people are "born" alcoholic while others contend that it takes years for a person to become alcoholic.

What is drinking?

Drinking is a verb which means swallowing a liquid. For example: "I was drinking milk in the kitchen." Drank is the past tense of drink. "I drank some milk." Drinking can also mean to consume alcoholic beverages. "He was out drinking all night long at the nearby tavern."

How will an alcoholic act when he stops drinking?

Depends on what treatment option he/she uses. Alcoholics and addicts stuff their feelings for as long as the drink/drug. All these come out when the alcohol/drug stops. With the help of a support group such as AA/NA life can become a joyous, fullfilling experience. Without help it can become a living hell for the addict/alcoholic and everone around them.

How long does it take for an adult to become an alcoholic?

That varies from person to person - no one is the same.

What wine can you drink for gout?

Although drinking wine and other alcoholic beverages in moderation is good for health and long life, it is not recommended for gout.

How does Alcohol disrupts the liver?

Drinking very heavily over a long period of time increases the risk of developing liver disease. Such drinking puts a heavy strain on the liver, which metabolizes alcohol.

Why is drinking good for you?

Drinking water is necessary to live. Drinking green tea, fruit drinks, and milk is healthy. Drinking coffee and soda pop is not necessary, but, it probably will not hurt, as long as they are drunk in moderation. Drinking a little bit of alcoholic beverages will probably do not harm, and might be healthy for the average adult person.

Can somebody who is seventeen have a alcoholic drink with an adult in a pub?

yes they can have the drink just not buy them for them selvs or others but as long as they are only drinking you should get away with it

Who discover the alcoholic beverages?

No one can tell. Humanity has been making and drinking alcoholic beverages for so long that' it's no longer possible to pinpoint when we started, where we started and who was first. Odds are that several people discovered alcohol independently from each other.

How long was Gerard way an alcoholic?

well Gerard started drinking at a young age. in High School, to be more specific. he said it himself that he was a loner kid who got drunk all the time. but he got sober & quit drinking in 2004.

How long would it take for an average person to become an alcoholic?

You can become an alcoholic very quickly. If you use alcohol (or other drugs) to try to change your mood, then you are likely to become an addict. People who drink once in a while because they like the taste do not usually become alcoholics. People who drink to try to relax, or become more social, or any other reason, are abusing it.

How do you decide to be an alcoholic?

Anyone can become an alcoholic. Some are predisposed by genetic factors. Many of these drink in an alcoholic manner starting with their first drink. Others become alcoholics due to environmental or social conditions. Most people do not decide to be an alcoholic. These two factors or a combination of these determines this. If any person consumes enough alcohol long enough they will become dependent on alcohol. This type and the others can all recover from alcohol dependence with a medical detox. Eliminating the obsession to consume alcohol involves more time and dedication.

Does alcohol lead to dependency?

There are differing theories on this issue. Some people, it is known, will become alcohol-dependent after very little exposure to alcohol. Others seem to be able to drink heavily for a time, and then cease doing so with no apparent effort. It is known that alcoholism (and perhaps other forms of addiction) is strongly hereditary. If a person has an alcoholic parent, there seems to be roughly a 25% chance that the individual will become addicted after sufficient exposure. This is complicated, however, by the issues of not knowing family histories of drinking in many cases, and it is not at this time possible to say with certainty what the percentages are, nor to tell who is most prone to addiction. When definitive DNA markers are found, it will help resolve this issue. Equally, we are unsure whether a so-called "normal" person can become an alcoholic simply by drinking a lot for a long period of time. You can see where there could be a good deal of confusion in making such a determination. So the answer to your question, for the time being, has to be "sometimes, but not always."

List five signs that a person might be an alcoholic?

(1) inability to abstain from alcohol for long periods of time, (2) hiding alcohol, (3) defensiveness about drinking, (4) inability to drink in moderation, and (5) drinking to the point of creating serious problems.

How long do you have to go without drinking After you get your wisdom teeth pulled?

you can drink water, tea, coffee and soda as much as you want, if you mean alcoholic beverages you should wait a couple of days.

How long does it takesomeone to become addicted to alcohol?

I have been drinking for about 8 years and have recently developed a violent behavior when I drink. What can I do to stop drinking or stop being violent?

How long does the HIV virus live inside alcoholic drinks?

how long does the hiv virus survive in alcoholic drinks if poured several drops of hiv positive blood in alcoholic drinks mixed with cold water how long does the virus of hiv will survive

How long does an alcoholic take to die from drinking?

Depends how heavy an alcoholic they are and what their everyday life consists of. But in most cases not long as they will develop stomach ulsers and liver failure. However I do know an 80 year old man who drinks atleast a pint of whiskey and who knows how many beers a day and he's still kickin. I wish I knew what his secret was.

What is a heavily built marine bird with a long stout bill?

What is a heavily built marine bird with a long stout bill

How long does it take for an alcoholic to get alcohol out of their system?

The alcohol is out of their system in a few hours. Withdrawal takes about three to six days. The time for the body to repair the damage due to long-term drinking can be years, if complete repair is possible at all.