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There are a couple requirements as I recall from thinking about this years ago:

* you will need to be re-baptized into the Roman Catholic church * you will need to attend RCIA classes that teach the various doctrines and sacraments of the Catholic church There may be more, and hopefully those will be clarified by further input here.

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Can a Protestant who is a Mason convert to Catholicism?

Anyone who wants to can convert to Catholicism.

Why people would convert to Catholicism?

People would convert to Catholicism because they believe it to be the truth.

What was spanish main goal in the new world?

To take as much land as possible and to convert " Barbaric savages" to Catholicism.

Can a single mom convert to Catholicism?

of course.

What religion did jennie Garth convert from?


What country did Saint Patrick convert to Catholicism?

He converted Ireland to Catholicism and to Christianity in general.

What tribe was most successful at resisting efforts to convert them to Catholicism?

The tribe that was most successful at resisting the efforts to convert to Catholicism was the Mavajo tribe. They are a tribe from Southwestern United States.

Can you convert from the Church of England to become Catholic?

Anyone can convert to Catholicism in fact this is what Jesus wanted.

Did Susanna Dickinson convert to Catholicism?

Don't know but I think she did

Can a Protestant become a Catholic?

Yes, anyone can convert to Catholicism.

Can you convert from Greek Orthodox to Roman Catholic or do you have to become a Greek Catholic?

No. You can convert to Roman Catholicism directly.

What church was started by Spain to convert people to Catholicism?

Mission church

Is it all right if you are not a true believer in Catholicism but you love your husband and want to convert for him?

According to the Catholic Church, that is not alright and is a sacrilege. The Catholic Church would want you to research Catholicism and fully believe in it, or not convert.

How long does it take to convert a basketball court to a hockey rink?

Long time

What is convert?

Convert means to change or transfer something. For example, a person might change religion, by converting from Catholicism to Muslim.

When did Anthony Hopkins convert to catholicism?

About 30 years ago to overcome alcoholism

Did John Donne convert to Catholicism so he could marry his sweetheart?


Why does France begin to convert the Indians to Catholicism?

To become good trading partners with them.

What were the accomplishments of Saint Patrick?

He managed to convert much of Ireland from paganism to Catholicism.

What did Spanish colonists build in the Americas to help convert people to Catholicism?


Did Cortes convert the Aztecs to Christianity or Catholicism?

Cortes converted the Aztecs to Christianity, and Catholicism is a type of Christianity, so you could say either way

How does a Christian convert to Catholicism in England?

i would go into a catholic church and ask the priest about it

What was the purpose of the missionaries in Latin America?

To convert the Native American populations into Roman Catholicism.

Which king became the frist Germanic ruler to convert to what is now know as Catholicism?


Who did St. Patrick convert to Christianity?

He converted the pagan Druids of Ireland to Catholicism.

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