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It takes about 2 minutes to bleed to death if the internal jugular vein is cut, which is larger than the external jugular vein, and the victim is in a lying down position, as body posture greatly affects the rate of blood loss. If it's only the external jugular that's cut, then maybe you bleed to death within about 5 minutes. If both the external and internal jugular vein and carotid artery are cut, you probably bleed to death in about 1 minute. The rapid blood loss from the jugular veins is due to their relatively large size and the reflux of blood flowing back the other way because the valves in the jugular veins don't prevent the reflux of blood. Air bubbles can also enter the jugular veins when cut causing an air embolism which can also be lethal.

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Q: How long does it take to die after the jugular vein is cut?
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How long will it take for a person to go unconscious if the jugular vein is cut?

it will take 5 or 10 second if you hold firmly

What happens if you cut your jugular vein?

You die...

If the brachial or femoral arteries or the jugular vein is cut how long would it take someone to bleed out?

Femoral - about 5 minutes Jugular - about 3 minutes Brachial - probably a bit longer, not sure.

Do you start CPR if the jugular vein is cut?

No. Stop the bleeding first, although death is almost certain and very quick if the jugular vein is severed.

Can the jugular vein be fixed after it is cut?

If either the jugular vein or the carotid artery is completely severed, the venous tissue will retract and will be extremely difficult, if not impossible to repair.

Is it good to cut your juggler vein?

If you mean "jugular vein," then, no... it would not be good to cut it. The jugular veins are in the neck and drain blood from the head. Is it good to cut your "juggler vein"? Only if you want to get rid of someone who is annoying you by juggling flaming bowling pins and oranges.

Can you save someone if they cut there jugular vein?

yes, but you need to be there quick

How deep do you have to cut in order to sever jugular vein?

well, if you place 2 fingers at the back of your jaw by your ear, apply a bit of pressure, and you will feel your jugular vein. so in order to cut your jugular vein, u basically have to apply enough pressure to cut through skin, and a little bit more. Just recently (today) i had gotten a skate in the neck and blood started coming out, turns out i didnt cut my jugular tho, i was about an inch away.

How can you survive if dr cut jugular vein?

there is little chance of survival from the puncture of the jugular vein, because of the amount of blood carried. if punctured death can happen very rapidly. when archduke Franz Ferdinand was assinated in 1914 it was the bullet puncturing the jugular that killed him. also as an extra piece of information if the jugular vein is visible this can be a sign of congestive heart failure.

Does it hurt a lot to cut your jugular vein?

It hurts so bad the blood gushing out feels like lava

How long can you survive when you cut your jugular vein?

You would usually bleed out within minutes if medical help isn't around , even with medical help chances of survival are slim.

Who is the NHL goalie that had his throat cut by a skate blade?

Clint Malarchuk's internal jugular vein was cut open by Steve Tuttle's skate on March 22, 1989.

When the jugular vein is cut how soon will the person begin to feel the blood loss?

Almost immediately. If you see this happen, call 911 asap.

What is a jugular?

The only jugular i know of is the jugular groove, this is found on a horse. The jugular groove is just a bit further up from the breast and a bit further down from the horses windpipe. It is a vein. It is one of the main ones and carries oxygen to the brain and head. If it is cut, you can bleed to death in a couple of minutes. It is sometimes used in the phrase, "Go for the jugular!" It means go in for the kill, show no mercy.

How do you tell if you have cut an artery?

it will bleed longer if an artery is cut. if the vein is cut, it will not bleed as long due to the valves in the vein. The blood will also flow out in synchronization with the heartbeat.

What is the cause of death when you slit your throat?

There are three possible causes of death when the throat is cut. The most likely is exsanguination; if the external jugular vein, and/or internal jugular vein, and/or carotid artery are cut the person will bleed to death. It is also possible, if the throat has also been cut open, to choke to death on the blood. Another possibility is the occurence of an embolism, if air enters either of the jugular veins. ------------------------------ A nurse once told me to breathe in right before someones slits your throat, and you'll have a better chance of living. ------------------------------ I'm guessing that makes your larynx more pronounced so they have to cut deeper to hit the blood vessels.

How do you know if you cut though a vein?

If you cut a vein, the part of the vein farther away from the heart will become pale.

What killed brad Pitt in The Counselor?

The character Pitt plays is garroted by an automatic device, it cuts his jugular vein and carotid artery, in the scruggles against the machine, some of Pitt's fingers are cut off.

How long does it take to bleed out if you cut the vein in your elbow?

The veins in your elbow such as the basilic vein and cephalic vein aren't very large so maybe you could bleed out in about 1 hour if the bleeding isn't stopped and blood clotting doesn't occur. Posted by Mr Wade.

What are disadvatages of finger vein authentication?

if somebody were to cut my finger and use it to take my cash from an ATM

How to cut a vein?


What are the Consequences of surviving a jugular cut?

the concequences are very major just kidding its not very major you just may expeience pains in the neck where the jugular is

When you cut your artery does blood come out of vein?

no the blood dose not come out of vein

What happens if you cut a vein on your wrist?

You could bleed to death if it's severe. If you do cut your vein, seek medical help immediately.

What was the medicine like in the 1700s?

Weird but they cut u 3 times and cut Ur vein and drain the blood out of ur vein because they thought the sickness was in ur vein basically!

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