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Google Maps estimates the driving time as 53 hours.

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How long is it to drive from Manchester Maine to Bangor Maine?

The drive is going to be 79.0 mi - about 1 hour 20 mins.

How can you get from Bangor Maine to Augusta Maine?

I 95.... anout 1 hour 5 minute drive

How many miles between Lewiston and Bangor Maine?

There is about 107 miles between Bangor and Lewiston....which is nearly a 2 hour drive.

What is the distance St john New Brunswick to Bangor Maine?

The distance between St John, NB, Canada and Bangor, Maine is 270km and will take about 3 hours 49 Minutes to drive.

What is the driving distance between Bangor Maine and Great Barrington Massetussets?

It takes approximately six hours and 16minutes to drive from Bangor Maine to Great Barrington Massachussets. It totals about 367.11 miles.

Distance from Boston to Bangor?

It is 240 miles from Boston, Massachusetts, to Bangor, Maine - about a 4 hour drive. It is 109 miles from Boston, County Galway, Ireland to Bangor, County Mayo, Ireland - about a 2 hour 40 minute drive.

What is the drive time from Bangor Maine to Boston Massachusetts?

You can cover the approximately 235 miles in about 4 hours.

How long does it take to drive from Denver Colorado to Bangor Maine?

The distance between Denver, CO, and Bangor, ME, is 2,200 miles and will take approximately 33 Hours of driving time.

South Paris Maine to Bangor Maine how many miles and minutes?

It is an estimated 2 hour and 28 minute drive covering 113.13 miles accordint to MapQuest.

How many hours is it to drive from Bangor Maine to Anchorage Alaska?

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 89 hours.

Which country would you have to drive through to get to anchorage Alaska Seattle or Washington?

It's impossible because Seattle and Washington are not countries.

How long is the drive from Sacramento to Seattle Washington?

if you drive out from Sacramento at 5am you will be at Seattle around 3 to 4am the next day

How many hours does it take to drive from pennsylvania to Maine?

Philadelphia to Portland is about 6 and 1/2 hours. Pittsburgh to Bangor is twice that.

How do you go to Seattle from Washington D.C.?

Well u buy a map from a store and then u get i the car ! ANd drive to seattle from Washington dc

What is the distance and drive time between Bangor Maine and Wilmington Delaware?

570.86 miles, and it takes 9 hours 54 minutes to drive, time varies according to traffic

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