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Google Maps estimates the drivi8ng time as 49 hours.


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It's impossible because Seattle and Washington are not countries.

if you drive out from Sacramento at 5am you will be at Seattle around 3 to 4am the next day

The driving distance from Nantucket, Massachusetts to Boston, Massachusetts is about 101 miles / 163 km.

Well u buy a map from a store and then u get i the car ! ANd drive to seattle from Washington dc

how long would it take to drive from san antonio, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts

Seattle, Washington, to Skagway, Alaska, is 31 h (1,607.9 mi) via BC-37 N

About 15 and a half, traffic pending

It is approximately 3070 miles between Seattle, WA and Boston, MA and would take about 49 hours to drive non-stop.

Seattle to Vancouver, BC drive time approx 2-1/2hrs. This does not include possible delays at at the border.

It is 505.60 miles according to MapQuest.

To get to Boston Mass. from Vermont it would take about 3 hours and 25 minutes.

*How many miles is it from Seattle, Washington to Chicago, Illinios?The drive from Chicago, Illinois to Seattle, Washington is 2,063 mi. (which would take you 1 day, and about 6 hours)The direct distance between Chicago and Seattle is 1737 mi.

By, placing Cannons surrounding the city.

Alaska///////seattle is in the usa you have to drive thru british Columbia in Canada to get to anchorage

It would take you around 1hr and 47mins to get from Seattle to Olympia and vice versa.

It would take about an hour and a half to drive from Newport, Rhode Island and Boston, Massachusetts. There is approximately 71 miles between the two locations.

To get from Seattle, Washington, to Yakima, Washington it takes approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes (on average) if you follow the I-90 going East (the distance is around 142 miles).

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