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Well an associates degree is a two year degree while a bachelors is four. Not all major will transfer from an associates to a bachelors. For example you can get an associates in nursing and go on later to get your bachelors and it only be about two more years. But if you have an associates in nursing and you want a bachelors in business. You will pretty much have to start over and most likely only your prerequisites will count toward your new degree.

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If the individual is in a transferable program, and stays within the same field of study, it should take approximately two additional years as a full-time student.

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Q: How long does it take to earn a bachelors degree after earning an associates?
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How long does it take to get a bachlors degree after you get a associate's degree?

The time it takes to complete a bachelor's degree after earning an associate's degree varies depending on several factors, such as the number of credit hours transferred, the specific program requirements, and the student's course load. On average, it may take an additional 2-3 years to complete the bachelor's degree after earning an associate's degree. However, individual circumstances may result in shorter or longer completion times.

What are the types of different College Degrees?

Most Bachelors degrees fall into 2 main categories: the BS, or Bachelor of Science, and the BA, or Bachelor of Arts. Whether you earn a BS or BA is largely determined by the subject you choose to study. If you earn your degree in the liberal arts, it will be a BA. If you earn a degree in business, science, or technology, it will be a BS.

The difference between community college and university?

There are a lot of differences but the main difference is the type of degree you can earn. You can earn a bachelor's degree and master's degree and usually a doctorate's degree at a university. I don't think you can earn a bachelor's degree at a Community College.

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I have an Associates degree so how long will it take to earn a bachelors degree?

If you are transferring within the same field, it typically takes two additional years provided you continue your program of study as prescribed by the college or university.

What is the value of an associate's degree?

An associates degree is very valuable in obtaining a bachelors degree. This is no joke. Very few positions pay more and a dollar or 2 an hour more for an associates over a high school graduate, often not even that. However, getting an associates if very valuable in determining if you've got what it takes to earn a bachelors degree, so many people start out going for the AA and get the BA, if they can't then they can feel good about the next direction they go knowing they did what they could.

Would you be able to get an entire degree from DeVry University via the internet?

Yes Devry offers several online courses that can earn you an associates degree, bachelors degree and even a masters degree. You can work mostly at your own pace from anywhere that has an internet connection.

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How many years would it take to earn an associates and bachelors and masters?

5 years or more

Can you earn a MBA without an associates?

The requirement is a bachelor's degree.

Do you have to have a bacholar degree to earn a masters?

yes masters degree must be earned to earn a bachelors but not in all caseshoped this helpedmack'n Me.ME

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