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How long does it take to fly 800 miles?

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How long will it take to fly from Perth to Kazakhstan

The distance is 800 statute miles. figure the average speed of the airplane and make the appropriate calculations.

A flight from Illinois to Texas will take about 2 hours and 6 minutes, depending on which city the passenger is departing from and arriving to. This is a distance of about 800 miles.

Its all on your imagination

Most Spitfires cold fly about 800 miles.

It depends how quickly you travel.

It depends how quickly you travel.

The can Airbus A380-800 can fly at the full speed of 630 miles per hour.

The common Spitfires could fly about 800 miles. Some versions could do over 1,000 miles.

3520 miles or 3060 nautical miles.

It takes 22 minutes 12 seconds to fly 148 miles at 400 miles per hour.

How long it takes a bird to fly depends on the breed of bird and the speed in which they can fly. Waterfowls and shorebirds can fly at about 80 miles per hour. House sparrows fly between 15 to 18 miles per hours.

Depending on the aircraft, it would take between one and three hours to fly 600 miles. A passenger jet travels at approximately 550 miles per hour.

It will take approximately 19 hours to fly from Winnipeg to Brazil. There are about 4,844 miles between the two locations.

The distance from Hong Kong to Rome is 5,779 miles. It should take about 12 hours to fly by plane at 500 miles per hour.

It depends what you fly in. - A Cessna 152 might take about 30 hours, an F-15 would take about 2 hours.

About 6 and a half hours about 3,600 miles

It Depends How Fast You're Going

That depends on the speed of your plane, helicoptor, or bird.

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