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It will be about 20 hours.

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It takes about eight hours to get from Melbourne to Vietnam.

from Melbourne to rome is 22 hours and 45 minutes

It should take you 12 hours roughly.

It takes approximately 3 hours and 13 minutes to fly from Halifax to the Bahamas. How long the actual flight will take depends upon factors such as wind and flight speed.

you dont get to phuket no one does ever

It will take about 9 hours and 15 minutes.

Melbourne (MEL) to Bangkok (BKK) 7,359 km | Approx. 9hr 30min

3h 40mins travel time between Melbourne to Wellington

it took approx. 3 hours on a direct flight from Cleveland to nassau Bahamas when i went

It takes 3 hours to fly from Melbourne to Christchurch

It takes about 18 hours and 50 minutes.... very long.

Melbourne (MEL) to Tokyo (TYO)Flight Duration 10 hours 25 mins

It takes 19 hours, 18 minutes to fly from Melbourne to Slovakia.

Tokyo (TYO) to Melbourne (MEL)Shortest Flight Duration 10 hours 30 mins

no direct flights from Melbourne to Langkawi, it's 8 hours to KL and then an hour to Langkawi from there

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