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How long does it take to get to Paris by plane?


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It depends on your origin city. Here are some sample times from major US cities:

New York to Paris: 7 hours

Chicago to Paris: 8.5 hours

Los Angeles to Paris: 10.5 hours

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"How long does it take to get to Paris by plane from Cardiff?"

From London to Paris will take 1 Hour on Plane...

it takes about 23 hours to take a plane to Alesund form Paris :D Thank you for seeing this question

London-Paris by air takes about 55 minutes.

about 2 hours by planeabout 4 and a half hours by car

It should take you 9 hours by plane.

To get to Paris would be about 11 hours and it is 8 669 kilometres.

It should take you 11 hours by plane.

1 hour and 35 mintuesIt is about 2 hours.

It should take you by plane, 8 hours and 59 minutes.

It should take you by plane, 6 hours and 53 minutes.

It depends on how you're going to get there. By plane it will take 1 hour. By car it will take 17 hours.

There is approximately 5,002 miles between Washington and Paris, France. A flight would take about 10 and a half hours to complete.

There is a distance of 533 miles between Ireland and Paris, France. If a person was traveling by plane, it should only take about an hour and a half.

To travel by car, it would take 67 hours. To travel by plane, it would take 9 hours.

To travel by car, it would take 59 hours. To travel by plane, it would take 8 hours.

That depends on which part of England and which part of France. London to Paris is about one hour.

About 1 hour. You will spend much more time on the ground than you will in the air!

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